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  1. joleisa

    I did wonder at about 7 a.m. when I didn’t see your post. But now I know, you have too much on your plate. I’m not advocating violence but this week I really had to empathize with a lady who called her daughter’s school and told them outright that she gave her daughter permission to ‘whack a bully’ who has her daughter in tears every day at school. Nothing is being done to the bully, so he doesn’t seem to get it. For the health issues, of course, I’m at a loss except I hope they become more bearable. Good news on your car so fingers crossed that everything will go well.

  2. Samantha Donnelly

    I feel for you and your word of the week, that is definitely how I feel this week. So much so that I have just sat and taken a deep breathe and just trying to go with the flow and not stress

  3. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    That does sound like an overwhelming week. Poor Little Man. That school really has been awful for him. I’m glad that things are going through with the EHCP even though suddenly having to deal with the paperwork and interviews was overwhelming. I’m glad that Boo is happier at college and that Star’s catheter change went relatively well. Glad your new car is going through and hopefully the driving lessons will help you regain your confidence. Hope next week is a less overwhelming one. #WotW

  4. Kim Carberry

    No wonder you are feeling overwhelmed. You have had so much going on, not just this week but for the past year at least!
    That school has really let you and your Little Man down. Have you thought about going to your local newspaper about it and maybe then if the school have all eyes on them they have to do something about the bullying. It’s too late for your boy but it could help others.
    I am glad Boo is feeling happier some of the time. So sorry she is having some low moments. It is a big change in her life starting college. We have had more emotions from my youngest since she started college. I think it’s the long days, meeting new people and the extra work. It is a lot to deal with.
    That’s great that Star’s catheter change went well. What a relief!
    I am sure once you’ve had a few lessons in your new car you’ll be fine! x

    • Anne Sweet

      The school is in enough trouble and has a big reputation in the area. Sadly, the teachers are doing what they can but they can’t change their pupils. I asked the Little Man this morning just how many pupils had tormented him since he returned and he said more than half. If it had been just a couple we might be able to make it work. The school won’t be around much longer I’m sure, and it’s a shame because they rebuilt it only 5 years ago. x

  5. Valeria Redmill

    Hi Anne 🙂

    You do have a lot on your plate! You are in my thoughts daily … you CAN do the driving thing; after Bob passed, driving was a major hurdle for me to jump (and I had been driving for decades), but I was finally able to DO it: and you can too 😉


  6. Karen Blower

    Oh my. All I can say is I share your overwhelmedness.. is that a word? it is now. Much has been going on here this week that I don’t even want to blog about so I’m skipping this week and will be back on Friday. Sending you and yours a hug. Maybe next will be better.

  7. Jayne

    Oh I’m so sorry you are having a shi**y time mate. I had a bit of a full on week last week that left me feeling crappy. You have done the best thing possible to have pulled little man out of that school. No child should have to go through that. You know how strongly I feel about this having my little man in the same position years ago. Best thing I ever did was to pull him out. The system stinks.
    It’s lovely to hear Boo is enjoying college and I hope she gets further support with her emotions and that you get some answers as to why she feels this way . Also glad that Star is feeling much better.
    Here’s to a better week mate! Things can only get better. Xx

  8. Jane - Our Little Escapades

    I’m so sorry you have been feeling overwhelmed. You have so much going on. I hope you get things sorted for Little Man soon. I have a feeling I might have to do some fighting like that soon for my little lady. I’m glad Boo is enjoying college. I have seen you have been driving your new car. I hope you are enjoying it and it is giving you freedom #WotW

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