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  1. joleisa

    I am glad that despite the roller coaster you are managing to stay positive and ask for help when you need it. Having something to look forward to is such a good idea and I hope you keep it this way. Guess what? This week we were at Star City on Monday and saw a lady in a wheelchair in the arcade. We were sure it was you (but didn’t dare embarrass ourselves to venture over to the lady and find that it was not who we thought it was). Anyway, we told ourselves that we would see on the WORD OF THE WEEK if indeed you went to Star City on Monday. Now I know for sure that it wasn’t you. Cheers for a better weekend and that the effects of the treatment will go easy on you.

  2. Karen

    I am so sorry you lost your important thing. I lost an expensive earring on a supermarket car park this week so I can appreciate how upset you must be feeling. I hope you find it. Glad you enjoyed the ballet though and that Little Man wants to go to the theatre too. I’m also glad you asked the nurse for some help. I hope you start to feel better soon

  3. Kim Carberry

    It sounds like you had a great time at the theatre on Saturday, I just wish you didn’t have to deal with all the downs for the rest of the week! I hope you find the thing that you have lost. I am glad you asked for help and are getting some. I hope you are feeling better and get to go out tomorrow!!

  4. Cheryl | Time To Craft

    I hope your missing thing turns up. I can’t bear not finding something and will also turn the house upside down to find it. I’m sending you positive finding vibes. I’m glad you asked for help this week and found someone that could set the wheels in motion quickly for you. I’ve not been to the theatre for so long. I keep looking and not finding anything I want to see or at the right time. You obviously have the knack of finding the right shows. I hope the side effects have worn off now and you have a good week.

  5. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    How lovely to go and see Edward Scissorhands. It sounds like it was a great evening. Hope you manage to find the thing that you’ve lost. Sorry to hear that you were feeling low. It’s good that you felt able to ask for help and I’m glad you’ve got some care sorted out. Hope the side effects from your treatment were short-lived. #WotW

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