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  1. Lisa | Handmade in Israel

    Thank you for sharing the story of your photo. I love taking pictures and am now so grateful I have so many wonderful photos of my youngest son. He didn;t always like me taking them and sometimes would lim it the number I could take, but there are photos of everything.

  2. Carol

    Saving photos now means keeping the digital forms in a secure spot. I, too, have lots of oldies. They just fade away . . . Your shared photo is so sweet – I love it. #MMBC

  3. Ruth

    What a beautiful photo! I didn’t realise you had 5 kids! All my old photos are in a big box and I should sort them out one day. I think I prefer to have actual photos because I have lost so many of my digital ones over the years.

    • Anne Sweet

      I’m not normally allowed to mention the older two on my blog, but I did ask my firstborn if it was ok to put this photo without a name. (I don’t use any of my kids names just in case their friends googled them.) Losing digital photos is a nightmare. I remember having them all on discs in the past! Now I have about six back ups and trying to find the photo I want is a nightmare. Yes, actual photos are much better 🙂

  4. Sarah MumofThree World

    What a lovely photo. It really does look like a different time.
    I’ve always taken a lot of photos and kept printing them and putting them in albums right until 2018, then it got too expensive and too time consuming, so I gave up. Now they just live on my phone.

    • Anne Sweet

      I think I stopped after my youngest were born. It’s all been digital since then, but I like to keep all important photos in photo books. I won one of the MAD blog awards, professional photos of all the bloggers, can remember what year it was off the top of my head, probably 2013!

  5. RachelSwirl

    Sadly I no longer have access to any of my childhood photos (long story) but I agree – photos are so precious. Thanks for linking up and for sharing with #MySundaySnapshot.

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