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  1. Kim Carberry

    I watched Baby Reindeer and didn’t know what I was getting into, I thought it was just a dark comedy but there was so much more. Yes, I thought Richard Gadd was brave at first but now I think he is quite shady for not hiding the real Martha’s identity enough. I saw clips of her being interviewed by Piers Morgan and she’s quite the character. Eek!
    I was going to say I like the sound of Dark but it being dubbed really puts me off, I hate those. x

    • Anne Sweet

      Yes, don’t watch Dark if you don’t like dubbed programs, it was really hard to get into at first. And it got more and more confusing. I also got a little fed up of all the rain in Germany, and we though our weather was bad, lol. xx

  2. June de Silva

    I’m always interested to know what other bloggers have been watching and reading. I’ve started watching Babt Reindeer but haven’t got to the end yet. I’ve just finished Bodkin (Netflix) which I really enjoyed – quite quirky and dark! #pocolo

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