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  1. Julie

    Did you feel any benefit from the foot pads? Did you feel like they made a difference? I think they might be fun to try but worry they are just a bit gimmicky. I’d be interested to know what you think.

    • Anne Sweet

      It’s really hard to tell, I do think there was a little change in how I was less bloated and my skin felt better, which could be less impurities. But I can’t solely contribute this to the pads. I do have a chronic illness and never expect miracles but using these did make some things feel a little better.

    • Anne Sweet

      I wasn’t really sure but I have to say, I was having a shower this morning and while drying my feet I noticed I had a lot less varicose veins in my ankles. I’ve tried everything to help them, but they seem to have improved since using these pads.

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