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  1. Michelle

    Sometimes the trash takes itself out. In the long run, I think this will be good a thing as you continue to flourish on your own. Happy Singleversery!

  2. Kim Carberry

    Good on you for celebrating! You have got through such a tough year you really deserve to treat yourself!
    Oh no, her taking him in even for one night was wrong! You are better off without her in your life.
    I am glad your plant has grown and thrived and you have found happiness without him. x

  3. Carol

    I remember when my ex-husband called me at work to say he wouldn’t be home. It was over. It was devastating to me, but as you said, we grow and get stronger. Happy Singleversary! I hope you have an even better year to come. #MMBC

  4. Catherine

    Well done on making it through such a tough year, Anne. I really hope that the next one is better for you and the rest of your family. Take care.


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