I don’t very often talk about my older children (adults) at their request, but this week has been as much about them so I’m choosing the word Family to include all my family.

This week my ex husband has been to visit. He lives in the South of France and we don’t get to see him often. Our children have been over to visit him many times in the years he’s lived there. A nice free holiday for them!

We all get on really well so it’s been okay having him around. He’s been staying at his brother’s and his brother and his wife came to visit us too. It feels like extended family, my life before and my life now. I was married for 10 years before we split but I only divorced him 11 years ago, 8 years after we split. They seem like big numbers don’t they? I’ve been with Graham, my current partner for 16 years now!

The older kids were excited about their Dad’s visit and have both spend a day with him as well as some fleeting visits he’s made to our home. My little ones have met him before so they are okay with having him around as is Graham. Some find it strange but you can be friends with your ex, honestly.
He’s not coming to our wedding though, that would be a little weird. (maybe I should have asked him to give me away, hahaha)

Another reason for his visit was to see his nephew, Gary, who unfortunately had the dreaded cancer and was losing his battle. Sadly, he did lose it the day my ex arrived in the country, so he never got to see him. Gary was the same age as me, may he rest in peace, free from his pain. I’m thinking of his mum, his wife and their children, such difficult times for them all.

No one is actually dead until they ripples they cause in the world die away – Terry Practhett

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