Sunday, 6 November 2016

My Sunday Photo 6th November 2016

I've chosen another photo from Brick Live this week. We had such a fun day and this was after our visit to Toys R Us and our purchase of  many  bricks. Most of them are put away for Christmas but the smaller packs and free gifts kept the kids busy all morning last weekend.

I love this photo because it so depicts their attitudes. Daddy is the silly on, The Little Man is just daft, Star is becoming a little self conscious now, which is a good thing as it means she is maturing, even if it is later than her peers, and Boo is the serious one, she's good and kind but really does take everything so seriously. I don't think Daddy will ever grow up and I'm pretty sure The Little Man is going to be just the same.

Happy Sunday everyone, I hope you're having a lovely family day like me.


Sunday Snap
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