Saturday, 13 May 2017

My Sunday Photo - 13th May 2017

This photo seems to be lacking so much, I think it would looks so much nicer with flowers covering those mounds of soil. I'm not sure why they didn't plant spring flowers, just a little down the path there was a plethora of colourful tulips. I also didn't manage to capture the lake in the back ground. You can just see it behind the trees. But, doesn't the sky look glorious, so blue and bright, and the trees are green. Yes, Summer is definitely on the way.

I took the photo in Cannon Hill Park while taking a picnic with my eldest daughter. We sat on a park bench and just enjoyed each others company and the peace of the park for an hour.

I've been going to this park all my life, the tulips reminded me of the Tulip Festival they used to hold here. I remember one year nagging my mum to buy me a pair of clogs! She didn't, but she did buy me a souvenir clog key-ring instead. Then I would come here with my boyfriend when we were in our teens and we would take a boat out on the lake. Later we would bring our kids to go on the boats.

Since having the younger kids they have started doing a beach here in the summer with a fun fair. It's a great day out, the kids love it. They also have a train ride that takes you around the park.

Two years ago, I did the Race for Life here. It's a big park but we still had to double back to complete 5 Kilometres. It was such a fun and exhilarating day and I felt so proud to complete the run.


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