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  1. Alana - Burnished Chaos

    We love a good picnic. We don't pack anything too complicated, usually just some sandwiches and few snacks. I love the traditional picnic baskets but they always look such a pain to carry around, we prefer to keep things light so we can wonder off and picnic off the beaten track x

  2. debsrandomwritings

    Hi Anne, your impromptu picnic sounds good (except for the green tea, I've never been a fan). The location sounds perfect too. Wouldn't a basket like the one in your photo just add to a picnic and make it more like something out of an Enid Blyton book?

    The best picnic we had was when we were driving back from Athens one year and we stopped at a supermarket and bought a whole cooked roast chicken, rolls and lettuce and somehow managed to make ourselves rolls. It was messy, but so much fun.


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