Saturday, 10 June 2017

My Sunday Photo - 10th June 2017

That's the Way to Do It!!

I've yet to write up about our lovely holiday to Weymouth at half term even though it seems so long ago. One of the highlights was the beach, and despite this photo making it out to look cloudy, it was actually an extremely warm day, perfect for building sandcastles, paddling in the sea, eating ice cream and watching Punch and Judy puppet shows.

It's sad to hear that Punch and Judy are a really rare sight these days, I remember them everywhere when I was a child. They haven't changed much though and are incredibly un PC...ha ha, isn't that ironic in this time! Oh yes it is! We had babysitting where Punch actually sat on the baby, we had wife beating, and wicked sausage loving crocodiles. The Policeman was there for comedy only as he didn't stop any crimes and was just for shouting when Mr Punch was being very naughty! We were on the beach for two days for many hours each time and both days managed to pick a place right near the Punch and Judy show, so I managed to catch it four times in total...I was singing 'sausages for breakfast, sausages for tea' in my sleep.

Boo loved the show and sat in the audience each time soaking it all in. There were slight variations in each show which I guess were to help the grown ups who had to endure more than one.

Despite it being quite shocking at times, it was all in good fun and perfect beach entertainment, it will be sad when they are all gone. Imagine trying to explain to your grandkids in the future what on earth a Punch and Judy show was. 

I hope I've captured something of the show here, Punch and Judy are both lying down after being knocked out by the Policeman with his truncheon....oh my! 

Have you ever seen a Punch and Judy Show?


Sunday Snap

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