A Little More Me

Today my little man went into pre-school for his first full day. It was so hard to let him go, he’s only just two and it seems way to early. It’s only two and a half days a week though and he really loves it. My girls are back at school and after a rocky start with my eldest, who has high functioning autism, things have settled back into a routine. I write about them more personally on my baby blog Baby Number Five

I also have a passion for baking cakes and decorating them. I’m no professional but I’m on a journey and hopefully getting better at it. I blog about my attempts over on my cake blog Mostly Cake

I can be found on Twitter as @okesanne  where I tweet about almost anything. Trust me, it’s hard to shut me up some days. I follow back everyone who is a real person.

I also have a Facebook page which is linked to this blog, it’s fairly new and I don’t have many likers yet, so I would be thrilled if you could take a look.

I’m a real blog addict and I love to read as well as write so please feel free to share your blog with me anytime.

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