Kids Fashion – Sky Tops

Now my kids are not fashion icons but they do know what they like and what they don’t. Throughout the summer the girls have been wanting to wear dresses, anything floaty and princess like. Not always the best choice, especially for a day at the park but I have been able to get away with floaty tops and leggings which are more practical. I’ve had a real job getting them to wear their jeans, but they are quite happy to put them on if they are brightly coloured or patterned. My eldest daughter likes her jeans skinny like her grown-up sister wears, the brighter the better.
You can dress up any outfit with a nice pair of shoes or boots and sky tops are fashionable this autumn. They don’t have to be boring though, you can get them in exciting colours and decorated with glitter. So it’s a win win situation, I get my practicality and the girls get their pretty pretty.

At next they have a fabulous selection of jeans, here are a few teamed with gorgeous glittery heart tops.

So when my girls have made their choice the next step is a pair of high top boots. Here are three from Next, gorgeous pink glitter boots, grey and glitter boots and just so the little man doesn’t miss out a real trendy pair for younger boys.
glitter boots £15-£18
silver sky tops £20-£22
tan colour block sky tops £20-£22
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