Reminiscing and Resolutions.

This is the time of year when you reflect on what has gone before and what you would like to achieve ahead.
First a look back at 2012

In February I had my purse stolen while out on a shopping trip in town. It’s a horrid experience and I can’t believe that people can do such a thing. The culprit was eventually caught as I was not the only person she stole from that day and she left a trail. I didn’t get anything back (not even my purse) but I guess justice was done in the end.
Also in February, Number 1 son went to visit his dad in France for a couple of weeks.
In March their was a big family party for my aunt and uncles golden wedding anniversary. It was lovely catching up with all my family, most of who I haven’t seen for years (and probably won’t see them again for years/ever)
Also, the little man finally learnt to walk, the slowest of all five of my children. Of course once he started there was no stopping him, in no time he was running, jumping and climbing a proper whirlwind of activity that has left me thinking…’why do we want them to hurry up and learn to walk?’

On 1st April a really lovely friend lost her long battle with cancer 🙁

In April I went to my first ever Blog Camp and was inspired to start this blog. I already had a blog (or two) on the go but I finally started to realise where I wanted my blogging to go and I feel now that I may be on the right track.

In May I finally got a car, I bought it on Ebay off a local seller and I swear I will never use this method of buying a car again. Still, it was nice to have wheels and we treated ourself to a day out at Cosford Airforce musuem.
At the end of may we had a short break in Prestatyn with the little ones. The weather was lovely and we had a great time.

In June I had a weekend away in London with Eldest Daughter for her birthday. We went to see Chicago and had a day of sightseeing. It was good fun and totally relaxing to have a couple of days of freedom.

July saw Boo’s 5th Birthday and her Hello Kitty party which was good fun. We also had trip to the Next Blogger Event in Northampton. I also lost my car this month when I took it for an MOT and it turned out to be a death trap there was so much wrong with it. (I hadn’t noticed apart from the brakes being a little iffy!)

August was Little Man’s 2nd birthday and Stars 7th birthday and My Little Pony Party. We also had a really nice day trip to Liverpool.

September saw a local festival, a trip to Nottingham Kiddicare for a blogger event, and the decision to send the Little Man to pre-school a couple of days a week.

In October my lovely friend had her second baby, another little boy 🙂

I won a competition to become a Center Parcs family blogger and had a trip to Sherwood Forest Center Parcs to learn about my role and meet some other family bloggers.

October was a lucky month because my other half also found himself a job after being out of work all year.

In November I took my girls to see Disney on Ice after winning tickets. I went to the International Cake Show with Eldest Daughter. We also visited the lovely Christmas German market a couple of times. The end of the month saw me getting another year older.

December was a month of illness as we were all struck with a virus (or two) at some point. The girls had to have time off school for the first time. And OH lost his job because he failed an hearing test on his medical 🙁

I had a lovely day out with the girls when we went to see The Gruffalos Child.

Christmas was quiet but nice (I was still really ill) but New Years was great fun as all illness had been banished and family and friends gathered (at last minutes notice) for a really good night of food, drink and fun.

So, you’ve got this far, well done. Now for my resolutions. Well, not so much resolutions but wishes for the next year.

*That the grown-ups in the household get jobs (Eldest Daughter has an interview next week!)
*That we finally get a bigger house
*That Star continues to improve (all the extra help she’s been getting has been working)
*That Boo continues to improve and gets the extra help she needs

And that’s it for now. My list will probably grow longer as the year progresses.
For now I’m focusing on looking forward and the most concrete thing to look forward to so far is our Center Parcs holiday in May.


N.B. Some of the links will take you to other blogs but I can assure you that it’s all my words.

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  1. January 6, 2013 / 1:43 pm

    wow what a busy year. Well done in all you achieved good luck with your blog x

  2. January 7, 2013 / 1:06 pm

    Thanks so much for linking up. What a busy year! I'm looking forward to reading these properly. x

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