Ruby Slippers

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a very good at crafts so today I’d just like to share this little project as I’m feeling quite proud of myself.

On Thursday it’s world Book Day and the girls have been asked to dress up as characters from their favourite book. Well Boo was set on being the Gruffalo’s child and I was incredibly lucky to win a fantastic costume from Boo, Roo and Tigger Too. All I have to do is make her a Mr Stick and she’s ready to go. Star decided she’d like to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, we recently reviewed a gorgeous new book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Star has fallen in love with this old story. So I managed to get her a Dorothy dress and a little basket carrying Toto. All we needed was the Ruby slippers. I spent an entire evening searching the internet for them with no luck. The ones I did find would have taken too long to get here or were way too expensive. So I decided to spruce up a pair of party shoes.

I bought some glue, glitter and red sequins and got to work.
Here is my work in progress;

I’m thinking they won’t look so sparkly at the end of the day when most of the glitter and sequins have come off!

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