World Book Day

This year Boo decided she wanted to be the Gruffalo’s Child. It’s her favourite book at the moment and at Christmas time we went to see the play which she loved. I tried to figure out a way to make her a costume and became worried that it was above me and my limited skills and creativity. Then, I saw a competition to win a Gruffalo costume and entered, the very next day I heard that I’d won. Problem solved on one very happy Boo. Now because it was a Gruffalo costume and she wanted to be the Gruffalo’s Child I figured that what she needed was a stick man and we’d be sorted. I found the sticks I needed and tied them together, then painted on the eyes and mouth.

Star decided that she wanted to be Dorothy as we recently reviewed a really lovely book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. It is the original story with some gorgeous illustrations and Star fell in love with it. I was thinking that a Dorothy costume would be fairly simple to make seeing as their school summer dresses are blue gingham and I had one I could adjust. However, because Boo had a lovely professional looking costume I thought it only fair that Star should have one too, so I bought her one from Ebay. The ruby slippers were more of a problem though and when I couldn’t find any I decided to  a pair of old shoes with glitter and sequins.

So although I didn’t make the costumes I did create a little something for each of them.

And here they are. the Little Man didn’t have to dress up but wanted to be in the picture so he popped on a pair of princess dressing up shoes. Boo is showing off her stick man but you can’t see it clearly. Star is holding a cuddly Toto which came in a basket but she didn’t like it.

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