Ozeri Kitchen Scales Review

The very day my own kitchen scales gave up on me and started telling me the most enormous fibs of how much I was putting in their little bowl, I received an e-mail asking me if I’d like to review some gorgeous new kitchen scales.
Maybe it’s because I like baking cakes, but I have to say, receiving these scales was incredibly exciting.
The Epicurean Digital Scales by Ozeri arrived well packaged and included their own batteries so I was ready to go as soon as I opened them. When you turn them on they say HI

They are incredibly easy to use. One button switches from grams to ounces, the other turns them on and resets them to zero, Tare. This is particularly useful when measuring things in the same bowl.
I did a little example to show you. First I put on the bowl and set the scales to zero, then I added and apple to see how much it weighed. Then I pressed tare to reset to zero and added a banana, so although you have the bowl, the apple and the banana, you can see accurately how much only the banana weighs.

So if you are making a cake, for instance, you can put in your butter, tare the scales and accurately add your sugar. Then when mixed with the eggs you can put them back on, tare the weight to zero and add your flour. This means just one bowl to weigh everything accurately = less washing up for you.

My first task with these scales was to bake a rainbow cake for my daughter’s birthday. This means seven bowls of different coloured cake mix which all needs to be weighed out. The scales did the job lovely.

Before I’ve always bought scales that come with their own weighing bowl, I didn’t realise how useful it would be to weigh my ingredients in whatever container I chose. The large glass disc on these scales is great for weighing solid items, but if you need a container or bowl you can use anything you choose which is easiest for you as this collage shows.
I really love these scales, they are so good looking they would look great in any kitchen. They are not huge so easy to tuck away, although I think I’ll prefer to leave them on show than hide them. I love the shape and reflective surface and the glass plate is easy to remove for washing. 
They are really accurate and so easy to use, they way in oz and grams which is shown on a large LED display screen. The tare button is great for giving you the net weight of any ingredient added. The scales will tell you if you try to use them on an uneven surface which would affect their accuracy.
They switch off after two minutes of not being used to save on battery power.
At the time of writing this review you can buy these scales on Amazon for £19.95 which is a 50% discount on their normal retail price.
I received the Epicurean Digital Scales for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own, as is the cake, but I’m willing to share 😉


  1. February 10, 2014 / 8:33 am

    Although, it is tough to decide whether you are picking the right digital scale from the market, but you should at least notice the brand name, check the warranty period mentioned on its packet, and ask the seller to test the machine before you pay for it, if possible. I think, keeping all these points in mind can help you to make the right choice.

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