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  1. Aida L

    She sounds like sucj a sweet girl. Im glad she had a nice birthday, mine is also in the end of school holidays so my parties were never that popular but having a big familiar helped solving that problem. All the best to the birthday girl.

  2. Orli D

    Happy birthday to the birthday girl 🙂 Hope her neck is doing better.
    My boys have never been great with birthday parties, and we've only celebrated with "real" parties twice in 8 years… I find it hard not having a party (in my thoughts. in reality its much easier and cheaper), but I guess it is what it is, so we have a birthday ritual of our own, that has to be repeated every year exactly the same.
    And pizza obviously is a big part of it 🙂

  3. Jane Roberts

    Thanks for sharing. I hope her neck is getting easier. You highlighted a future fear for me, birthday parties and friends. I worry about what will happen in Ethan's future, will he have parties? Will he get invited to any? When I think of my parties they were only small, sometimes a cinema trip and I was alright :0)

  4. The Beesley Buzz

    this is a lovely post! So similar to J in many ways (especially the birthdays – one year he literally invited the whole school but only got one invite back in return) and yet so different in other ways (J loves to make a mess!). I am so glad she had 'the best birthday ever' and it sounds like she has the best mum ever so i'm sure the future will be great for her with such a loving and caring mum. xxx

    • Anne Stone Sweet

      Thank you. I think most mum's experience the no replies to invitations at some point. It gets easier when the child gets older and can actually ask their friends themselves so it's not down to the parents.

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