The Mighty Tasty Mighty Lights Crisps from Walkers – Review

We are all fans of crips in our home so I was more than happy to review Walkers Mightly Lights.
Available in three flavours, Cheese and Onion, Roast Chicken and Lightly Salted they contain 30% less fat and no artificial colours or preservatives.

Mighty Lights are ridged crips and are more healthy than regular crips but with all the flavour.

So what did my family make of them?

Dad: I like the ridges in them, they are really nice, in fact I prefer them to usual Walkers crisps.

Eldest Daughter: The ridges are too close together and they are too crunchy, but the flavour is really nice. 

No1 Son: They taste just like regular crisps, you can’t tell they have less fat.

          Star: I like the Cheese and Onion ones best, they feel good on your tongue.

Boo: Can I have another packet please mum?

Little Man: I can’t eat any more…*passes me an empty packet* (he normally does this with regular crsips but there is always half the packet left)

I was surprised that these were low fat crisps, usually that means they are not as crunchy and taste nothing like regular crisps. Not so with these Mighty Lights, they have a perfect crispy crunch and taste delicious. Personally I’m not a fan of ridged crisps but I would buy these again. The littlies love crisps but I don’t buy them every day but they are great for that occasional treat and I like that they are a more healthy option.

I was sent three multi packs of Walkers Mighty Lights for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions are made by myself and my family.

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