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  1. Loubelle

    Well done on getting through the move relatively unscathed! I'm a bit of a professional mover, 11 (could be more) times in the last 20 years not including a few times in between houses where I had to stay at my mom's as a stop gap. I don't plan on moving again. This one may be our forever home and I hope yours is too x

    • Anne Stone Sweet

      Oh My! Hats off to you, I really hated the experience and am hoping that I'll be here for a long time now. I hope that you are able to stay put too. I'm shivering with fear at the thought of moving 11+ times. x

  2. James Harrison

    Great move!! And you are right packing is difficult & most stressful as well as time consuming part in a whole moving process. So, there are many strategies to pack the boxes. Packing with a colour code is the best way to pack & unpack.

    • Anne Stone Sweet

      we started with good intentions, sticky labels, colour coding, but ran out of time and everything was a mess 🙁 I'd advise starting to pack at least a month before the move!
      Thanks for commenting James

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