A Baking Boost

I was sent these gifts from Tesco Clubcard Boost;

Clubcard Boost is the new name for the Exchange and Rewards scheme run by Tescos. You can read all about it here.

In terms of how other customers can get these types of gifts
to treat their friends and family. Once they have £5 in Clubcard
vouchers, they can use Clubcard Boost to ‘Boost’ it up to £20 to use on a wide
array of gifts from days out, clothing, Tesco Direct – SO many different
experiences and products to choose from. Perfect for anyone who likes to be
savvy with their Clubcard points and get the most out of the perks of being a
Clubcard holder and also some great Christmas present ideas too! We used to do
the ‘exchange’ which was a couple of times a year, Clubcard Boost is now on all
year round which just opens the opportunities for people to use their points
whenever they want to do so.

Tesco say that they have changed their reward scheme to make it easier for people to understand.  You are now able to turn every £5 worth of Clubcard vouchers into £10 spend in selected Tesco departments throughout the year.

What a brilliant idea and I’m sure those who collect points from Tescos will find this really useful especially with Christmas just around the corner.

So I bet you are wondering what I did with my lovely gifts aren’t you? Well, I baked a cake!

A very yummy giant cupcake!
Disclaimer: I was sent a giant cupcake mould and a cake decorating kit along with a very lovely gift card from Tesco Clubcard Boost in return for telling you about their new reward scheme. The resulting cake was all my own work!

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