Pumpkin Pie for Breakfast

I haven’t really been into Halloween for years now. I think I was put off the one year when I made up lots of little bags of treats and tied them up with pumpkin patterned ribbon, I was really quite proud of them. However, all I had from the Trick or Treaters that called was ‘is that all, aint ya got no money?’  I objected to give money to kids at the door so I stopped answering and they stopped calling. The last few years at my old address I’ve had no callers at all, I’ve not dressed up the littlies or done anything at all in relation to Halloween.

This year, however, was different. The Littlies had been showing an interest in Halloween so we did some crafts together and made some decorations. I bought a pumpkin last minute and for the first time ever I carved it and made a lantern. With the filling I made a pumpkin pie but that didn’t go down too well, I was the only one that liked it, so there is rather a lot left this morning. I also bought a big bag of treats, just in case anyone called.

Apparently, as I found out last night, the neighbourhood rule is, light a pumpkin lantern in your window and the children will call, no lantern, no callers. I tested this out when I ran out of treats, I took the lantern away and they stopped knocking the door.

They started coming at 5.30pm and by 6.30pm we’d had over 20 Trick or Treaters calling! This is when I ran out of treats (I may have been a little over generous with the first few that called!) The Littlies were answering the door and getting really excited. They wanted to dress up too so I pulled out the dressing up box for them. When we ran out of treats to give, Daddy took Boo and the Little Man out. They were only gone for fifteen minutes but came back really happy and with loads more treats. (Thankfully, my littlies are not big sweet eaters, chocolate yes, but not sweets, chews or jellies)

So I am glad I’d abandoned my Bah Humbug attitude to Halloween and joined in the real community spirit displayed in our neighbourhood. All the children at the door where with parents, most of them welcomed us to the neighbourhood knowing that we had just moved in, everyone was really nice and friendly and happy with the smallest offering, even when we were down to the last few lollipops.

Next year I will buy loads more treats, or I may even come up with alternatives to all that sugar that the kids will like??

My only problem now is what to do with the leftover pumpkin pie?

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