Christmas 2013

When we went to a local Christmas fete at the end of November I picked up some information on all the Christmas activities we had coming up locally. There was another fete  the week before Christmas, a Christmas market, carol singing and lights switch on, on the local village green,  carol services at local churches, nativity plays, Christmas themed messy church and probably a few other things I forget now. Of course there was the wonderful German Market in town too, which thankfully is about the only thing I managed with my girls.

The day we went to the German Market is the same day Star had a hospital appointment and CT Scan. Then she was admitted to hospital and had her halo fitted and then all plans of doing anything else for Christmas were abandoned. Star has been virtually housebound. It’s not that she can’t go out with the halo, but transport is a problem as we don’t have a car at the moment. She can’t get wet, she can’t get too cold, and we had problems finding her anything at all to wear for while too.

So we gained a Christmas Angel with her halo, but had to abandon so many of our Christmas activities I’d hoped to do. We did manage to get Star to the school to watch their nativity play, and we still had Christmas in our new home to look forward too. I found Christmas day to be so much more relaxed and fun with having so much more room, our last home was so pokey we were always tripping over each other. Opening presents would create so much mess that I’d had no choice but to clean up along the way. Then toys and gifts had to be stacked away and used one at a time. This year I just didn’t have to worry, and it all looked less like a pile of mess and more like a fun room filled with Christmas gifts.

We had our Christmas dinner around our new dining table. We’d had dinner around a table before but it would involve having to move furniture to fit us all in. Our old table was pushed up against a wall and only two chairs were in use at any time because we just didn’t have the room. My new kitchen is so much bigger that preparing all the lovely food for the day was so much easier for me. I love my new home and especially my new kitchen.

Boxing day meant a trip to the hospital for Star. That was a little strange, I’ve never seen the place so quiet, even in the middle of the night! Most of the children on Star’s ward had been sent home for Christmas, and staff was at a minimum. When we went for an x-ray, the usually full to bursting department was empty and we were straight in without even a minutes wait. Then Star was treated to a little gift because apparently every child who needs an x-ray at Christmas gets a gift. All was well and we were on our way home within an hour. That’s another appointment down, just a few more and the halo should be off.

We braved the weather on the 27th to go and see ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ at the Town Hall. The littlies loved it and it was good to get Star out again. Although she couldn’t wait to get home afterwards, she does get tired out really quick.

Then to top off our Christmas Celebrations we had a party on the 28th. I woke up that morning feeling pretty rough and wishing I hadn’t invited anyone over, but I battled through the day, whipped up a great buffet, and bought some booze. The party turned out to be good fun and I’m glad I made the effort. There is nothing more special than spending time with family and friends at Christmas.
Maybe next year we’ll get to fit in all the other fun, Christmassy activities that we didn’t do this year, but this year was good enough as it was.

My Christmas cake was the centerpiece on the table. 


  1. Anonymous
    December 30, 2013 / 12:05 am

    & the fantastic looking cake was delicious!!! Tree x

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