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With Christmas Day so close now it has to be the word of my week. This week has been very Christmas focused, with Christmas food shopping and present wrapping. But my favourite thing about Christmas is joining the kids at school for activities and concerts.

This year both schools (which are really one school but the younger ones haven’t moved over to the new building yet) have had Christmas Wonderland Events. On Tuesday we were at the big school where we were treated to hot chocolate and mince pies while we pottered around the stalls decorating Christmas hats and baubles, playing pin the nose on the reindeer and other games and purchasing Christmas cards designed by the children, as well as lots of other stuff. One thing we did enjoy was having selfies with Father Christmas, even I had a go. There were props too and hubby gave Father Christmas a sign pointing to me which said naughty. I was not happy and promptly told FC that I’d been a very good girl and he promised that he would bring me lots of presents on Christmas Eve. I’m sorted!

After the Wonderland the school gave a concert (But not until after the raffle was drawn where I won a box of 12 Christmas cupcakes!) The kids at that school are incredibly talented. They do focus on the music lessons and have what they call ‘band musicianship where the children are encouraged to play instruments of their choice and create their own bands. They even have a recording studio. Star wasn’t in this particular performance but I still enjoyed the show.

Then yesterday we had the  Winter Wonderland at the little school which was very similar but still lots of fun. errr I won the raffle again! This time we had a choice of prizes and I sent Boo to choose and she came back with a cake, she wasn’t impressed when I told her it was a fruit cake though.

There’s been only one dampener on the week though and that was my eldest daughter getting sick yesterday. I’m just hoping we don’t all come down with it now but I do have a sneaky feeling it was something she ate, dodgy mayonnaise.

Merry Christmas!

The Reading Residence

Three children sitting at the feet of Father Christmas in his grotto, with a festive fireplace to the left of the picture

Three children with their magic golden keys about to enter Santa's toyshop

Yikes! This time in just two weeks it will be Christmas Eve!!
As it’s getting so close now I’ve decided to share some Christmas photos taken at Hatton’s Enchanted Christmas Kingdom a couple of weeks ago. Yes, we got our visit to Father Christmas in  early and letters were written and sent. Phew, that’s one thing less to worry about, I just hope Father Christmas brings them all that they wished for.

We really enjoyed the grotto at Hatton, it was magical to wander around. I’ll leave my 3 minute tour video at the end of this post if you are interested.
In the meantime Christmas preparations are in full swing here, I have begun the big wrap up and cards are being written. The food is ordered and last minute presents  sent for. I’m taking part in two Secret Santa’s this year and I’ve already received one of my gifts. I’ll be posting mine off on Monday.

Are you ready for Christmas? Are you feeling festive?

I pin My Sunday Photo pics I visit on my Pinterest Board. Please let me know if you wish your photo to be removed.


Sunday Snap

Brrrr hasn’t it been cold this week! I’ve really noticed it and as someone who normally prefers the colder months, yes, even snow, I’m quite annoyed that my body can no longer stand it. Cold hurts!

Our house is generally warm but I don’t like having the heating on all the time so I like to wrap up warm inside. I’ve been busy crocheting a blanket that I’m going to keep on the sofa so when I get cold I can just snuggle up in it. It’s the biggest thing I’ve ever crocheted and it’s coming along lovely. It’s kept me busy too.

This week we also had some visitors from Cornwall. When I was little my older brother was friends with this man who lived locally, then he moved away and they drifted apart, not seeing or speaking to each other for years.Then they discovered Facebook and got in touch again. I love that Facebook is so good for this, I’ve re-connected with a few of my childhood and school friends. Anyway, we have been speaking to this friend of my brother’s for quite a few years on Facebook so when he said he was coming to our town we agreed to meet up with him and his wife. We had a lovely afternoon catching up in ‘real life.’

Yesterday we decided to  do a little more Christmas shopping, I wanted to get board games for the kids and Smyths are doing an offer of 3 for 2 on board games. As I needed 3, this was perfect. We have a Smyths store about 10 mins drive away and I decided that I’d like to drive. I think this might be the first time in about six months that I have been behind the wheel. I was so nervous, but once in the driving seat my nerves left me and I was fine. Of course I was quite happy for hubby to get back behind the wheel for the journey home. One way was enough. We parked almost directly by the entrance to Smyths but while I waited for hubby to put my wheelchair together I got really cold and when we got in the shop I just couldn’t stop shivering. Hubby got worried that I was having a spasm in the shop but I was just seriously cold.

Last Saturday we had a lovely day at Hatton Enchanted Christmas Kingdom and although the weather was bright and dry it was incredibly cold. I really do think that being in a wheelchair is much colder than walking around. I’ll have to invest in thermals or a blanket.

Well, it’s December today so I guess you have to expect the weather to be really cold. I’ve not seen any snow yet though!

The Reading Residence

I know Lakeland isn’t the first place you’d probably look for Christmas gifts, but if you don’t you really are missing out as they have a fabulous selection for everyone and all neatly categorised for easy shopping. Not only do they have gift lists, you can find some fabulous recipes and decoration ideas. And have you heard of Poppa Balls yet? They are fantastic in drinks and recipes. I first discovered Poppa Balls in my iced Matcha Latte which just have to buy every time I go past Meecha. If you haven’t discovered them yet, go and give them a try today, they really are delicious and add a special touch.

Back to the Christmas Shopping, I’ve been through and decided on what I would like, so it’s my Christmas Wish List so to speak. Extra bonus if my family pop by as they don’t seem to have an idea of what to get me.

Heated Throw

I so need this lovely throw, I get cold so quickly and when I get cold I get more pain. I have a little blanket that I can pull out whenever I get too cold but how lovely it would be to have a heated throw, no more cold and painful legs! 

Lakes Gingerbread Vodka.

I love gingerbread and I love vodka so this makes perfect sense. It sounds like the perfect Christmas tipple to me. Costs £13.99 from Lakeland

Wilton’s Food Colouring

Okay, this may at first, seem like a strange request as a Christmas present but this Colour Right Food Colouring system is absolutely amazing. Me and my brood are always looking for the right colour and with this kit you get a colour chart to mix the colours so no more guessing, you can get just the colour you want every time. 
Even Better! Buy this kit now and get a free Easy Layer Pan set! Just what I need to make a rainbow cake, which is something I’ve always wanted to do. 
It costs £19.99 for the  Colour Right Food System Pack and you get the free pan set worth £14.99. 

Lakeland Chocoholics Christmas Hamper

Again, this is two gifts in one for me, I love chocolate and I love boxes. This gift would be a dream, just look at those irresistible treats, chocolate popcorn, salted caramel truffles, pandora with chocolate cream filling..and more..yummy!  Then you get the adorable wooden box with lid and heart shaped handles. This gift would last me for so long. It costs £39.99 

Robert Welch Tea Light Holder

Isn’t this pretty? It really caught my eye. I love my tealights but current I burn them in old Gu ramekins, you know those little glass pots that come full of dessert. It’s a great way of recycling my ramekins but this is really cute and I would love it. A bit pricey for tea light holder at £39.99, but it would look great in any setting and I’m sure the light effect would be amazing too. 
Lakeland doesn’t just offer gifts for bakers or ladies, you can also get gifts for the whole family. You can find gifts for Him and gifts for the kids too, including some Harry Potter merchandise.
I hope you have enjoyed my wish list, is there anything you would like from it, or from Lakeland? Have you ever done  your Christmas shopping at Lakeland?
Disclosure:This post contains affiliate links which won’t cost you any more if you purchase, but may make me a few pennies.