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  1. Steph Curtis

    So sorry to hear it wasn't the outcome you were hoping for. Can't believe the cheek of them saying you should have gone in the middle week! Shocking. And how poor Star puts up with it I don't know – and you, am sure I would have been sick as I'm super squeamish. I'm also sure that you will have helped the other family so much by sharing – knowing how positive you are, I'm sure you only gave the good bits. Great idea for the new blog too, will pop over soon x

  2. Anne Stone Sweet

    thanks Steph x I'm super squeamish too, 6 months ago I don't think I would have believed I could have coped with this. When she came out of surgery I found it so hard just to look at her, and the first time I had to clean her wounds eeek! It's amazing what you can get used to though when you have to. I'm a little worried about the 'coming off'' procedure, I'll have to ask lots of questions first, but I'm thinking it might be Daddy holding her hand if it's not done while she's asleep.

  3. Charly Dove

    Oh Anne it sounds like poor Star deserves a medal for all that she's been through these past weeks. And you too. It must be so hard seeing her in pain. I so hope she'll be in a better place once it's off. It must be hard but keep smiling Mrs 🙂

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