Our Perfect Day At Center Parcs

Last year we were lucky enough to go to Center Parcs for the first time. I had always wanted to go but had a little trouble convincing the family as they believed they wouldn’t have had as much fun as they did at our usual holiday park destination. Now we ALL want to go again.

Last year we went to Whinfell Forest and we had a brilliant time, so it’s easy to describe our perfect day.

I’d start with breakfast with a red squirrel. This actually happened to me, I’d been trying to get a good photo of a red squirrel all week, they were a little shy, or so I thought. One morning I woke up before everyone else and was enjoying a nice peaceful cup of tea on our patio when who should come along and join me but a gorgeous red squirrel.

Then we could choose to have breakfast at the lodge as there is a lovely well equipped kitchen and a well stocked supermarket for all your needs on the site. However, we are on holiday, so why not go out for breakfast instead. Even better, breakfast on the boardwalk overlooking the wonderful lake. What a brilliant way to start the day.

While having breakfast we could plan our day, something for everyone young and (not so) old. (getting a bit touchy about the old bit as I’m approaching a Big Birthday next year.)
Swimming is a big favourite and the subtropical swimming paradise at Center Parcs have everything for an exciting splash around. The Little Man loved it in the special pool for little ones, with their own little slides and plenty of toys. The girls loved the wave pool while Daddy The Adventurer loved the Canyon ride.
Then there are the play areas which the kids adored, and it was all so safe that Mummy was able to relax while the Little Man ran around too.

 Then the tums would be rumbling so time for food. There is lots to choose from from Italian, Mediterranean, Indian, French and even British food in the parcs many restaurants. On this day though we are going to fill our rumbling tums with quesadillas and burgers from Hucks Bar and Grill.

For afternoon activities we are going to take the little ones for some fun time at the Wizard and Fairy School, where they learn magic and how to ride on a broomstick! Ok, perhaps not, but they do make wands and fairy cakes and get face painted. Meanwhile why they are having so much fun, Mummy and Daddy can sneak off to the Aqua Sana Spa for some steamy relaxation (of the sauna sort, clean your minds!)

Then we can pop back to the lodge for the obligatory BBQ and a rummage in our back garden.

Then the evening entertainment would involve a walk around the parc and a game of tenpin bowling. But before retiring for the day we’d have a quick peek to see if there were any badgers on the badger cam. Then we would go to our cosy beds thinking about all the exciting things we could do the next day because we hadn’t time to fit in the crazy golf or pottery painting.

Before I leave you with our perfect day I have to remind you that the best way to travel around any Center Parcs is by bike.
This is my entry into the Center Parcs and Tots100 January Challenge and if chosen I would like to go to Sherwood Forest. 
I’ve been watching the Center Parcs Family Videos and was most inspired by Children of All Ages.

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