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  1. Anonymous

    Morrisons now offer an online service, I haven't tried them yet but I will do soon. I don't have one bearbut I like shopping with Morrisons when I'm away or I have a car, so let's see! T

    • Anne Stone Sweet

      I'd heard that Morrisons had started too, I quite like Morrisons but I'm wary of them having teething troubles being so new at it. I mean if the other's cant' get it right after years of practice what chance do Morrisons have? I might just give them a go though, after all, they do sell my daughter's favourite Nong Shim noodles.

  2. Rebecca Beesley

    We usually use Tesco for online shopping – mainly to build up points which we then use for days out. Generally been good as they always refund any missing products (only happened once) or anything gone mouldy (a couple of occasions). so on the whole fine – but then just before Christmas they delivered our shopping late one time and another time we were the last slot and they couldn't deliver it that day!!! I was in shock about it as the soonest they could re-deliver was in two days time. They did give a little voucher as an apology but after that i never book the last slot of the evening. I also had to pay twice for the same shopping until the first got refunded back. I think like anything they all have pros and cons really xxx

  3. Victoria Welton

    I have to say that I used to use Sainsburys and have also tried Asda. I've given up and go to the shops again now – especially as you are able to get the reduced items! Good luck with finding someone else! thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

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