Cancellations, Goodbyes, and Black Eyes

Yesterday was one of those mad days, busy from beginning to end.
It was the day that ED went to America!
Now, it’s not the first time she’s been abroad alone, she has been to visit her Dad in the South of France a few times now. It is however, the first time she’s gone so far, and the first time she’s not been met by her Dad at the other side.

The day started at 6am. The little ones were still in bed while me and Ed were rushing around getting showered and dressed. Then I switched on my phone and the notifications scrolled before me…what was that I saw…Your Flight Has Been Cancelled…WHAT!
So, on goes the laptop and Ed grabs the phone and I leave her desperately trying to sort something out while I tend to the little ones who have finally woken up. Then, just ten minutes before we catch the bus to get to train station she has something sorted, a new flight which will get her there around the same time but to a different airport. It’s ok though, she called her American friend who is meeting her (yes, at 2am, but it’s ok because she was up baking brownies) and she’s still able to meet her.

7.30am and we are on the bus into the City Centre. 8.50am and we are on the train to London. 10.30 and we are on the tube to Heathrow.

I’ve not been to Heathrow before. Yet another airport to add to my list, but I’ve still not flown on a plane. One day I will!

We had lunch together before saying Goodbye. She was getting so nervous, and I was starting to stress too, so she just went for it and after a hug she went off through security, leaving me behind. Off to fly so far away. I thought about a friend of mine who waved her son off when he was about the same age, he went to Australia to live. At least I know that Ed is coming back. I hung around for about half an hour just in case something went wrong, and then I started my journey home, tube, train, bus.

On the train I saw a plane leaving Heathrow. I don’t know if Ed was on it, but I waved anyway.

I was home in time to start cooking dinner. Lucky me. The little ones had missed me terribly even though in reality I’d not been gone long. It felt like a long time, nine hours long, and all but one and a half hours of that was spent travelling.

At bedtime the Little Man was choosing his book for his bedtime story and in he’s excitement of choosing one he decided to throw it at me. It was a hardback book. It had sharp corners. It caught me just short of my eye, tearing my skin and making it bleed. At the time I was thankful that he actually missed my eye ball. This morning I woke up looking like this!


Today is Valentines Day. I don’t really celebrate, it’s just another one of those days when I watch other women getting showered with gifts and cards and I try my best not to feel bitter at receiving nothing. This morning however, I was surprised to find a lovely card that my other half had made while I was sleeping. He made several heart shapes and wrote some lovely words on each one before sticking them all together. So thoughtful. I’m glad I made him a card now, although to be honest, his is much better.

I spent some time with the kids making things for our activity wall. We enjoyed doing word searching and making up a poem using the letters V.A.L.E.N.T.I.N.E and then glued some cut out pieces of magazines onto cardboard heart shapes. They had lots of  fun, and now we have a pretty wall. Big thanks to Twinkl for the inspiration and resources.
Happy Valentines Day xx

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  1. February 16, 2014 / 4:52 pm

    Good grief talk about an eventful day! Your eye looks really sore though- hope it's better soon

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