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Did you do yours yet? I took my time, made my lists, whittled down my lists, hoped and prayed they’d add a few more categories because I had too many blogs I wanted to nominate, but in the end I think I was fairly happy with my nominations. Job Done!

Then the results start coming in and I find I’ve been nominated in so many categories! The blogs with the most nominations in each categories are the ones that get through to the finals, so there is a long way to go yet!

 Thank you to anyone who has taken time to nominate Raisie Bay, I really do appreciate it. I won’t be going through to the Best Baby category because my baby is now three years old. I know, time flies (he’ll always be my baby, but don’t tell him because he’ll just say “I’m not a baby, I’m a big boy”)

I also believe that I don’t deserve places in the craft, travel or innovation categories. All three are part of our lives but they are not things I often share here on Raisie Bay, there are so many other blogs that are much better at it. I loved being nominated in the Best Writer category, I’ve always loved writing and do loads of it, not just here either. However, I know I’m not the best, nowhere near, I read so many blogs and think, wow, if only I could put things so eloquently, or witty, or funny, or just emotionally. The words in my head don’t translate to the page so well. And as for the Blog of the Year… well, again I could think of so many that actually deserve this award. I think I might have had my blog put down by someone who doesn’t read blogs but wanted to put a nomination for me, makes sense 🙂

So, I’m left with Family Fun and School Days, I’d love to be in the finals for either of these categories although Star has told me it has to be Family Fun (sponsored by Pokemon) because she’s the BIGGEST POKEMON FAN IN THE WORLD! so if you haven’t nominated yet, and could spare a minute or two, I would appreciate a little nomination in this category. Thank you so much.

Pop along to http://www.the-mads.com/vote/ and give a blog a hug!

Here’s a little photo from last year!

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