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  1. Welcome!

    When my son was first diagnosed I felt immediate relief only because for years I had been blamed for his behaviour. After that eased I then shutdown, ie I couldn't talk about it for months. After that passed I then started reading books on autism and slowly learned about my son. I then stopped reading books as I no longer needed them because I realised that my best teacher was my son (and then my daughter). By following their lead and bring sensitive to their reactions to things I started to adjust my parenting and expectations. It took time, years probably, but now those labels have dropped away. With regard to the character in the drama, I don't recognise her reactions post diagnosis in me. Maybe that's because my son was older at diagnosis and I had got accustomed to the idea that my son was not developing as he should. However I do recognise her fierceness in me when dealing with professionals and trying to get the right support for my children. It's impossible not to become fierce when there are so many barriers to overcome. Sadly I feel that that fierceness is seen negatively particularly by professionals who often dont understand our children or us. I wonder whether the negative reaction to her is that we don't, generally, like fierce mothers? Deb

  2. Lola - Parenting By Numbers

    Hi! I genuinely think she is quite and unlikeable character. I will always admit that many parents struggle to cope with their child's diagnosis but I just think by just showing this struggle it is perpetuating it with the general public. Maybe I'm far to optimistic for my own good but I think if they'd started her acceptance earlier it would highlight the fact that there's actually nothing "wrong" with Joe.
    I obviously struggle to know what people unaffected by autism think of the show but am aware that the programme is focusing far more on the families feeling than Joe's xx

  3. Looking for Blue Sky

    I felt unable to watch the programme for a number of reasons, mainly that it would be too painful. It sounds to me like Alison is like many mums of autistic children, just normal, with faults and longings just like everyone else. Sad to hear that she is being condemned by some x

  4. Sons, Sand & Sauvignon

    I am still yet to catch up, I think I actually find it really hard to watch because I relate to Alison so very much, and the harsh response she is getting upsets me. I think the BBC have exaggerated her response to Joe's diagnosis slightly but I agree, we have all seen ourselves in Alison at one point or another. Thank you for linking up to #spectrumsunday I hope you join me again this week. I would also like to congratulate you on you being shortlisted in the MADs! So happy for you! xx

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