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  1. pixiedusk

    Aww I have a post for this linky! This is a nice one as my son loves baking. I have to confess tho that I just buy him those boxed one but he really loves to do them to bits! #pocolo

  2. Rebecca Beesley

    They have turned out looking really fab – you must have been so pleased with them! I know what you mean about the boring bit – we found the same with the iced buns because they have two provings too. thanks for the mention in your post. x

  3. marissa @mamaknowsbest_2

    oh wow they look very yummy!! You're making me hungry lol. must try making some of these with my little boy, thanks for the recipe. #PoCoLo

  4. Sue Robinson

    These look amazing! We normally buy hot cross buns as I presumed they would be difficult to make. I feel another baling session coming on tomorrow as I have the ingredients for these in already 🙂

  5. Victoria Welton

    These look SO gorgeous 🙂 I saw your photo on Facebook so I was looking forward to seeing the recipe – thank you for sharing with PoCoLo x I have a Sweetpea Pantry post to write up so we should be with you this week or next 🙂

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