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  1. Rebecca Beesley

    great tips – you certainly do have lots of experience of parties. I tend to try to do as little as possible these days as I just can't muster the energy for a proper party. Gorgeous cakes you've made too! x

  2. Emma T -Bubbablue and me

    Wow, that's a lot of experience.

    We were lucky with N's last one (well, we did a May party, although his birthday's in Jan, as the other NCT children all had parties then) as I won the use of nursery's treehouse/forest school, so we didn't need anything organised apart from pass the parcel. I hate the everyone's a winner thing though – we never had that as children, so I hate it 's the norm now. Was a right pain remembering to pop in a treat when doing each layer of wrapping the parcel!

    • Anne Stone Sweet

      I know what you mean about the 'everyone's a winner' wasn't done when I was a child either. It depends on the age of the children at the party, I think it's great for keeping the smaller ones happy. Also, as a mum of autistic children who find it difficult to understand it's been a saviour in terms of preventing meltdowns.

  3. Vicky Myers

    Lots of great tips, I love the idea of the picnic boxes & starting with a making activity:) Have to admit we go for the easy option of a soft play area!

  4. Kate Davis

    Some great ideas. My eldest started school this year so this is our first year of a real party, fortunately we did a joint one with some else in the class so it was easier than I feared. I may come back here next year though if we do one on our own.

  5. Sonya Cisco

    Fab tips, love the picnic box idea especially! It has been a while since I have done a small childs birthday party, but they will be back on the agenda again soon as my youngest heads towards 3!

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