Princess Adventure Puzzle Party – and Party Linky

I love birthday parties, we’ve done practically everything over the years, bouncy castle, pool party, playcentre, karaoke, face painting. With having five children I’ve had chance to experience a lot.

I like to get in on the action, only once have I hired someone to do the party for me. However, now having three littlies with birthdays just weeks apart (and with me not getting any younger) I’m finding it all a little harder and any help is welcome.

For Boo’s 6th birthday last weekend I had help in the form of a Mega Princess Adventure Puzzle Party from Tall Tales Puzzle Parties.

I invited ten children but not all turned up, that is, sadly, quite common with parties held during the school holidays.

I usually end up spending weeks getting all the things I need sorted for a party like this but with the Puzzle Party Box I had everything I needed, I just had to sort food. The box comes with plates, dishes, cups, napkins, table cover, cupcake stand, banner, party bags, craft supplies, puzzles, prizes and sweets. Also there was a crown and sash for the party princess and badges for the guests.

This party comes with full instruction and taught me something I’ve not tried before. The party bags are handed out empty at the beginning and then sweets and gifts are added to the bags throughout the party so they go home full. Such a good idea and it really works, I’ll definitely do this again.

I made the cake myself. I tried to get it to fit into the theme of Puzzle Princess.

The party food
We started the party with a game. Provided in the box were a packet of little pictures. Before the party I’d glued one of each of the pictures onto five boxes and put them around the garden. Then the children were given a picture and had to find the right box to put them in. They then came back for more pictures. To make this a competitive game you should put the child’s name on the back and then count up how many they got correct. The children at our party were happy just finding the boxes and running around. When the pictures had all gone I gave them all a party bag with a pen to write their name on. 
The next task was a spot the difference puzzle which the children enjoyed doing and then they were rewarded with a packet a sweets for their party bags.
I was also provided with puzzle pieces after each task which go together to make the final certificate. Seeing as you get the completed certificate at the end I didn’t bother with these. I suppose had the children been a little older it might have worked but I was partying with a group of hyper active, over excited 6 year olds!
The second puzzle was a maze and the children were given two to complete. Again they did this with vigour and were really excited. Their reward was a sticker book for their party bags.
My instructions now told me to break for the craft activity but the children were keen to eat so we got stuck into the party food first.
After the feast the children wanted to do the craft activity in the garden so I took the crown tiaras and all the craft things into the garden where they had loads of fun. (Bonus, no glitter in the carpet!)
The children had so much fun making the crown tiaras, a few of them said this was their favourite part of the party. The results were amazing.
After the craft session we got back to solving the puzzles. Next up was finding the hidden stars which the children completed and were rewarded with a another packet of sweets for their party bags.
Then it was time for a game of bingo. Each child had a picture bingo card and I held up a series of pictures one at a time and they had to cross them off their cards. They really enjoyed this game and I carried on until they all had completed a card and won the next goody for their party bag which was a ‘diamond’ ring.
To finish off there was an anagram game. Before the party I’d hidden a series of letters around the room for them to find and assemble into two words BIRTHDAY PRINCESS. The letters were in two colours and the children split into two groups to find either red or blue letters. They were all winners though and the prize was to open the special box and present the new Princess of Puzzletania (the birthday girl) with her crown and sash. All the children then received a badge to say they had completed the puzzles. 
Boo and her friends had a fantastic time. I loved the structure of the party which meant there was no boredom. The whole event lasted about an hour and a half, then the children had a little time to play on the swings in the garden (and I got a well earned drink and snack)
The party was very different to anything I’d done before. We usually have party games like musical statues or pass the parcel, I thought the children would miss them but they didn’t even ask. 
I found that having everything I needed supplied in one box saved me a lot of stress and time before the party. All I’d done in preparation is read through the simple instruction sheet. Other boxes available include Dinosaurs, Fairies and Pirates. Or there are many others to chose from if you are providing your own table wear. If you are interested in hosting your own puzzle party do check out the website and you can use the code PARTY13 at the checkout for a 15% discount.
I’ve decided to make this post into a linky because I’d love for you to share your posts about parties and or celebration cakes. There are no real rules, posts can be old or new so long as they mention a party (of any kind, although please be aware this is a family site) or feature some kind of celebration cake. So please link up your posts and tell your friends. Feel free to add my party badge below for others to see and join in. 

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I was provided with a Mega Princess Party in a box for 10 children. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Sara West
    August 1, 2013 / 8:16 am

    Fantastic! I'm so glad all the girls had a great time and I really love the crowns they made. Obviously I'm biased as I created the parties but your pictures really bring the party to life. And I absolutely love your cake.

  2. August 1, 2013 / 7:26 pm

    Happy Birthday! your cakes look amazing! will dig out a birthday post to link up. Love the idea of your cakes linky as I love to find ideas online for cakes (even though i'm rubbish at making them!). xxx

    • August 2, 2013 / 8:13 am

      Cakes are my passion/hobby people are always asking me to make them even though I don't think I'm that good, you should never underestimate yourself xx

  3. August 1, 2013 / 10:11 pm

    Looks like lots of time spent on a great party. I add structure to the parties here too, easier to ensure everyone is included and happy that way.

    • August 1, 2013 / 10:23 pm

      Cake and parties, I think I could fill your linky single handed! Please do dump any posts of mine you are unhappy with.

    • August 2, 2013 / 8:14 am

      Oh My Fiona, I've just been reading through your posts and the very thought of hosting for so many is terrifying! For once I'm happy my kids have birthdays in the summer holidays and hardly anyone turns up, lol xx

  4. August 1, 2013 / 11:08 pm

    What a great linky and well timed for me x Thank you x

    • August 2, 2013 / 8:15 am

      Thank you for linking up Jennie, your party was amazing we could all learn something from you xx

  5. August 2, 2013 / 8:12 am

    Looks like a fab party!!! great linky x

    • August 2, 2013 / 8:15 am

      Thank you 🙂 I did have some very happy littlies that day x

  6. August 2, 2013 / 11:02 am

    what a lovely idea – for both party and linky – I'm linking up an old post right now but next time I'll right one specially for your linky as I loooove parties myself. Well done for the initiative!

    • August 2, 2013 / 9:27 pm

      I'll look forward to that Aida, and thank you for linking up x

  7. August 2, 2013 / 8:48 pm

    Brilliant cake, love it! I too have got a few cake posts I could link up… and a few party posts to write, so maybe over the coming months I'll be back!

  8. August 4, 2013 / 5:48 pm

    This looks amazing – what a fantastic idea 🙂 I am definitely going to look at getting something like this for Grace next time around. I LOVE that cake too. I'm going to dig out our build a bear party to link up :). Thank you so much for linking to PoCoLo x

    • August 4, 2013 / 8:58 pm

      Thanks Victoria 🙂 Do dig our your Build A Bear Party, I was thinking of one for my older daughter x

  9. August 7, 2013 / 8:32 am

    That's a pretty impressive Princess Cake! Love the contents of the box too, perfect for a princess party. 🙂 I've linked up my youngest's Angry Birds birthday cake post as I am quite sure it is the best cake I've ever made! I'm a little silly proud of it. 🙂

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A little Note About Positive Reviews on Raisie Bay

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