Parents Evening

I’ve always believed Parent’s Evening at school to be the opportunity to talk about how well (or not in some cases) your child has done. Then why do we have them just weeks after starting a new year, with a new teacher and new class? In fact, for the Little Man, it’s his very first year at school. So there is not much to say about how well he’s doing, or getting on with the other children.

However, if you look at it another way it does give you an opportunity to get to know the new teacher and tell them what they need to know about your child. So, they can’t tell you much, but you can inform them.

First impressions of both Boo and Little Man were positive by their new teacher’s. Boo’s teacher said that Boo was kind, considerate, friendly and also very spiritual. She gets on well with the other children in the class and looks after those that are feeling shy or lonely. I was able to tell her teacher that Boo does have a problem with listening, it’s not that she is being naughty but she can phase out  from her surrounding and even though you think she can hear you, she actually can’t, so it’s easier if you make sure that you have her attention before thinking she is being naughty or ignorant. We’ve had her hearing tested and it’s fine, so it’s probably a neurological problem, a little bit of faulty wiring.

The Little Man’s teacher said he was bright and bubbly and always on the go. I replied ‘that’s one way of putting it!’
I am increasingly being led to believe that the Little Man may have an attention deficit disorder. He cannot concentrate on anything for very long. It’s a big difference from the girls who can play the same thing for ages. The Little Man flits from one thing to another and often forgets that he was having fun doing something else when he’s moving on to something else. He cannot even watch a complete short tv animation, whereas the girls were watching movies at his age.
He is very confident and friendly and I’m sure he’ll always have an entourage of buddies around him. He’s kind and sharing but can get a little stressed if he doesn’t get what he wants straight away.

All my children are very different from each other, it makes for a very interesting household.

I want to link up this post to Small Step Amazing Achievements, so I’m going to tell you about two little things that have made me proud of Boo and The Little Man this week.

Boo has been very poorly with tonsilitis and on Monday I took her to visit the GP. While sat in the surgery she began reading the posters on the wall. I was amazed at how well she can read now. Just over a year ago she was on an Individual Education Plan because she wasn’t as good as her peers at reading. Now she can take really difficult words and break them up until she can understand them. Well done Boo!

The Little Man is just beginning his education but has the approach of Guerilla Learning. He constantly asks questions and wants everything explained in detail. He even knows how the washing machine works! We were at a 4th Birthday on Saturday and they had a bouncy castle. The Little Man was bouncing around when he decided to get off. He said to me ‘there were five of us on the bouncy castle then two of us got off, so then there were three’
Clever Little Man!

Ethans Escapades

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  1. September 24, 2014 / 9:13 pm

    Hello there, I really enjoyed reading your post, especially we had a parent evening for our little man tonight and he is only three! I like the idea of guerrilla learning, and we too are also answering many many questions, yesterday we had a very long discussion about drains and how they work! Really looking forward to reading more x #ssamazingachievements

  2. September 25, 2014 / 8:32 am

    A fabulous post and lovely to hear that you're proud of Boo and Little Man. Amazing achievements indeed!

  3. September 30, 2014 / 7:57 am

    Lovely post and well done to both Boo and Little Man. I agree that parents evening does seem early but – as you say – it is a chance to formerly meet the teacher and establish any initial thoughts. Particularly in D's SN school when the majority of children travel by school bus.

  4. October 1, 2014 / 1:10 pm

    I never realised the parents evenings were so close to them starting a new school year, but I think you are right. I think the teachers may like a little heads up about our children lol. It sounds like Boo has made amazing progress with her reading over the past year and it sounds like Little Man is going to enjoy maths :0) #SSAmazingAchievements

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