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  1. The Reading Residence

    Ah, Little Man, that is so adorable! I'd want to grab him back, too! Well done to Boo on her award and I do hope Star gets on OK on her return. I can imagine how worrying it will be for you, so I hope it goes as smoothly as possible x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. Karen Bell

    Aw, wonderful that Little man is enjoying school and well done Boo for good writing. it is so important that the school recognises when children have tried hard at their work, I know my son benefits from that.
    It must be very worrying star about to go back to school, it's tough making the right decision, I hope she gets on well when she returns x

  3. Izzie Anderton

    Make the most of those kisses from your little man for as long as possible – it won't last forever! Huge congratulations to Boo for all her hard work. And good luck to Star for her return to school, be brave mum x


    So glad Star can go back to school. May I ask why you don't want her to be statemented, or is it tha tyou can't? I hope she enjoys her time back to school. Also congratulations to Boo on her writing award! And oh it's great htat Little Man is appearing to do well in school. #WotW

    • Anne Stone Sweet

      I think she will be statemented now, but she's lost so much school it wasn't something we were able to do, unfortunately her autism is making her stand out from her peers now so it's time to get her the extra help she needs now and will need in the future.

  5. Samantha P

    Good luck with Star's return to school. I hope it all works out OK for her. My son just started school too, but he's already turned five so I kind of feel like we did have an extra year! It's nice to know that schools really provide children with positive reinforcement of even small achievements. I think that's just as good (if not better!) than lots of red pen! X #wotw

  6. Kim Carberry

    It must be so worrying about Star returning to school…..I hope it goes well!
    Aww Well done to Boo!! You must be so proud…. Little Man sounds like he's getting on so well x

  7. liquoriceuk

    I hope all goes well with Star returning to school – have just been reading some of her story – what a tough time you have all been through. It must be a huge jump to go back after so long, hope that you all adjust well to the change. Well done to Boo on getting her award and your Little Man just sounds so adorable – how lovely to get those hugs and kisses like that before he goes in to school x

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