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I think I may have mentioned this before but I am a seasoned blogger, having set up my first blog back in 1998. My blogs have served many purposes since then but mostly they have been all about my musings, my stories, my takes on my life. In fact, very personal. That’s something I’ve missed here on Raisie Bay. It wasn’t my intention, I even chose a personal name as it’s an anagram of my former name. However, I do feel that I’ve not been very personal, not like I used to be. I guess the main reason being my other blogs were fairly private with only a handful of readers. They were mostly written for me, a way of logging my life, an online diary if you like.

I’ve decided that I would like to bring a little bit more of my personality to this blog. I think I am brave enough now. I’ve had an idea I’d like to implement and I’ve called it Monday’s Musings. I already have a huge list of things I’d like to write about, things that are personal to me but may also be relevant to my readers. So each Monday I will muse about something different.

Now, please don’t get expecting too much. I’ve already decided they won’t be humorous, I think I’m funny but other’s don’t. So I’ll leave the humour to those who are good at it and I’ll just tell it as it is. Also, they won’t be profound, just basic every day musings, they won’t blow you away or have you running to your friends telling them to come and see what I wrote. Finally, I do not consider myself an expert in anything (more like a Jack of many trades). I have tons of experience in a lot of things and hopefully something to share, but I’m not professing my word as gospel. .

I’d like to start with…


I will admit that when I first went on Pinterest I didn’t really get it. I started by just re-pinning things I liked, like cakes, diamonds, anything pink and owls. 
Then I entered a competition to become a Center Parcs Family Blogger and I had to create a Pinterest Board depicting my dream Center Parcs holiday. I was stunned when I was chosen. The competition had shown me how useful Pinterest could be and I don’t just mean in winning me a holiday. The boards are great for putting together a plan, an idea or even a storyboard.
I now use Pinterest for planning almost everything. Recently a friend asked me to make her a wedding cake so I created a board of cakes I thought she’d like and we spent an afternoon going through them all and using them to design her cake. 
I think I use Pinterest mostly for cakes, I’m always collecting pins for inspiration.
If I have a kids party coming up I create a board full of ideas.
At the end of term I created a board full of ideas for teacher’s gifts.
At Easter I created a board full of Easter Crafts and activities.
Now I am decorating my house I have several boards with ideas for different rooms. It just makes like so easy having all these pins gathered together, easy to access from anywhere online. Everything so neat and orderly. It suits me just fine.
Of course Pinterest has other uses too.
When I first joined I ran a small business and was in touch with other small business owners. We would share pins of each others products to help get them noticed.
Similarly, I now share pins from Bloggers so they can share their blog posts and ideas.
Pinterest is also a social media site so remember to be social and comment on pins you like or repin. 
It’s good to follow loads of people on Pinterest, the more you follow the more pins you will see. I have only ever had to stop following a few people, it gets quite annoying when your timeline is totally flooded by one person all the time. 
Most people will go onto Pinterest and pin like crazy, then leave for a while. It’s not too bad so long as you are not constantly pinning. However, I like to pin something, then take a break before pinning something else. the break only has to be a minute or two but it means lots of other pins will come through before your next one and it won’t look like you are flooding.
To me, Pinterest is my online storage place of everything I need to know. I’ve found that organisation is the key and often board need sub-catagories…i.e. Cake board, chocolate cakes board, wedding cake boards, birthday cakes board…you get the idea. Then If I need to to find something that I’ve looked up before it’s easy to find.

Here are a few tips for pinning.

  • Make sure you have a description for your pin. 
  • Have your pin lead to a proper web page with the information promised
  • If posting a picture of lovely food state whether clicking will provide a recipe or not
  • The picture you post as a pin does not have to appear on the website it links too, but the information there has to match up.
Pinterest is one of my favourite places to visit, you can spend hours on there. Likewise you can choose not to visit for days and not feel like you are missing out. It’s very much a take what you need and leave place. 


  1. November 5, 2014 / 9:03 am

    This is a really useful 'musing' for me! I really don't get Pinterest and have only used it once or twice, but see that it's a good social media tool that I should try and get involved with. Advice taken and noted, thank you!!!!

    • November 9, 2014 / 3:21 pm

      you're very welcome 🙂 Pinterest can be very addictive once you get into it

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