Weekend Box Review

We were sent a lovely box of activities from the Weekend Box Club.

The Weekend Box club was set up in April of 2013 when it’s creator was unable to find something educational and creative as a gift for his nieces and nephews. The Weekend Box club offers a themed box of activities all set out for you and your child to enjoy and learn together. The box is small enough to fit through your letterbox yet full of exciting creative things, while also being environmentally friendly.

Our box was themed for Chinese New Year and contained  four different activities coloured, red, green, blue and yellow.

The red activity was for making fortune cookies and required some further cooking ingredients which I was informed of by e-mail before the arrival of the box. We really enjoyed making these and you can read all about it on our Kids in the Kitchen Post.

The green activity was to make a Chinese Lantern and Boo was keen to have a go at this. We needed to add a toilet roll middle which Boo painted with the glitter paint provided in the pack. There was also some paper to make the handle with and some glue spots to stick the handle onto the lantern. The instructions said to cut slits into the lantern but Boo didn’t want me to do this, so we just left it as it was.

The Little Man was keen to make the Chinese Dragon which was the yellow activity. He had fun painting the head and tail of the dragon with the paint provided. He even managed to fold the paper in a concertina pattern for the body. The box provided two lolly sticks to hold the dragon with as well as some googly eyes. 
The Blue activity was to make some paper plate drums and both children made one of these. The box provided the materials to make one, but our craft box had plenty to help make another. We found that the blue tack provided to stick the lolly sticks was not strong enough, so we used some tape instead. We also used a little glue to stick the plates together. The ribbon provided was not very long so I added some more, the Boo decided to cut hers off as she didn’t like it. I explained that the drum wouldn’t work now, but she didn’t seem to mind, she just wanted to decorate her paper plates.
Both children really enjoyed the activities and it was nice to have clear instructions and (almost) everything provided. The Weekend box also has some lovely talking points to share with your children on each card and you can reward them with stickers for there hard work. They can also use the box as a certificate and colour it in. 
If you would like to try a Weekend Box for free you can visit https://www.weekendboxclub.com/main/splash and enter code Anne58
Disclaimer: We were sent a Weekend Box for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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