Pastimes aren’t always something that we should place a value on. Not least some kind of inherent moral value as some things seemed to be in the past. However, when you have children, and you see them beginning to form their own views and personalities, it’s a complex conundrum. Children are so innocent and should be left to discover the world on their own. Yet we can’t help ourselves as parents to want to gift them something of our generation. Seeing little parts of your personality in them, makes you wonder could they possibly love what you did when you were growing up? Maybe you could give the gift of passing on pastimes to them and see if they resonate within them.

six children playing on the grass outside

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Sport and physical games

With the advent of modern technology, it seems as though children get more fun out of staying still than they do moving around. A shocking paradox as many parents will know, getting the kids to sit still while at the dentist was once a chore in itself. Now they have games on their smartphones, tablets which are all portable. However growing up in a simpler time might get you looks of sympathy from your kids until they try out the games you once played. Teach them how to play rounders, teach them the classic games of tag, and hide and seek. Get them to a park where they can run around and practice hopscotch, play with other children in a game of capture the flag, jump rope and double dutch. These games that once brought you so much joy playing with friends shouldn’t be lost to the ages.

a victorian dolls house

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Virtual to real

Indeed there are virtual game creators that you cannot deny are brilliant, no matter how distracted they make your child. The complex coding alone just for the backgrounds let alone the interactive nature should be respected. No wonder children get lost in video games because they afford them the ability to make something their own. That’s why dollhouses were much loved because they gave you the ability to make the home however you wanted. There were assortments of decor, lots of delicate pieces like lamps, paintings, mirrors, pictures and other finer details. Buying your son or daughter their own dollhouse which you can then both collect and build together will add a new layer to your bond. There are still companies that make dolls house furniture and make them in a more contemporary and traditional type of manner and style. All rooms are supplemented for, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, even study offices.

Birthday games

It’s harsh to admit, but some kids just won’t want to play the droll old games mum and dad used to play. So you can sneak them in when it’s their birthday. Games like musical chairs, crack the whip, pass the parcel etc. are games that have a ‘last man standing’ trait. The person who can win these games is awarded a prize. It adds a competitive layer to it and thus creates an incentive for kids to drop their video games and get involved.

It truly is a gift of memory when you introduce children to your pastimes. The games create moments of pure joy that when they’re older, they will miss. Hopefully, when we’re gone, our children can pass on the games we taught them to their own children.

Are there any pastimes from your childhood that you have passed on to your children?


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Studying hard certainly prepares you to be a good preschool educator, but there are a number of inherent characteristics that will ensure you are a sensational teacher. For instance, you can certainly learn how to create a warm classroom or teach the preschool program, but exuding enthusiasm for the education of your students is something that can only come from the heart.
With that in mind, here are more important qualities that make a great educator for pre-schoolers.

1. Passion

Do you have an intense desire to really make a different in young children’s lives? Passion is arguably one of the most important qualities for any teacher. There will be those days when teaching preschool will be difficult, whether it’s because your salary isn’t what you thought it would be, the parents seem ungrateful, or the kids are acting up, getting through those low points can be overwhelming. But, when you have a burning passion for education, it is your drive and determination that will get you through.

2. Patience

Besides your passion for education, you need lots of patience. Each class, such as those in Guardian child care centres in Sydney, has children with a variety of developmental skills. When it comes to pre-schoolers, constant reminders about protocol, manners, and hygiene are all part of a normal school day. From behaviour difficulties to learning difficulties, it takes a great deal of patience to keep your classroom in order. What’s more, working with difficult parents, teachers, and administrators means you need to be patient outside the classroom, too. A great teacher knows how to keep his or her cool under varying degrees of pressure.

3. Creativity

Being creative in the classroom involves more than making projects. You may have to work in a restricted environment with limited resources, and your classroom may be a melee of children from different backgrounds and cultures. So, you need to be able to draw from your creativity to make decisions in the best interest of your class.

4. Flexibility

Even when you have every detail of each lesson planned, unexpected turns can arise. A great educator is one that is flexible in dealing with change. Whether it’s as straight forward as having a back up plan for rainy days or amending the entire plan to accommodate for budget cuts, your fine-tuning skills and flexibility will help you tackle challenges with grace.

5. Dedication

Finally, excellent preschool teachers are those who are dedicated to their career and their learners. They stand up for their beliefs and educational values, and for their student’s needs. What’s more, these educators are dedicated to education and continue to inspire students to continue learning. At preschool level, creating a fun learning environment can resonate with children for the rest of their life.
Along with these 5 important qualities, a great educator will also form part of a supportive teaching community. Many teachers find even more inspiration by aligning themselves with professional associations.
Above all, exceptional preschool educators are those teachers that continue to work on their craft and personal development to continue growing.

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We’ve been reviewing the game Shhh! Don’t Wake Dad and I’m sure it will be a great Christmas present. We do love our board games in this house and this one is a great addition. If you’d like to win a game yourself then why don’t you enter my give away at the end of this post?

Now, who snores? I know I do, but the winner in our house has to be Dad! In this game you have to get the treats without waking the snoring Dad. So just like real life then.

In the game, Dad is sleeping in the middle of the board, snoring away as usual. The hungry kids have to make their way from their beds along the hazardous route to the fridge to get to the chocolate cake, all without waking Dad.


Players are all dealt the same number of cards and take it in turns to spin the spinner.  Then, against the constant cacophony of Dad’s electronic snoring sounds (which give everyone the giggles!), they travel around the board.  Most of the spaces on which they land feature a picture, and if the player already holds the card that matches the image, they are safe.  But if not, they must take a deep breath and press Dad’s alarm clock down the number of times indicated on the space…

C:Langshot CommunicationsDRUMOND PARK 2015QUARTER 2Kids Shoot Andy LR picsA5Don't Wake Dad (awake) Callum&3 LR.jpg

If Dad stays asleep, it’s “Phew” – and the game continues.  But if he wakes up, the player is sent back to their slippers, to begin the journey again.  But he or she does at least get to keep that hazard card, which will protect them should they confront that hazard again later in the game.

Dad is then settled back down to sleep…  Play continues, with plenty more twists and turns for everyone to negotiate along the way. Finally, one of them arrives in the kitchen. Here, the perils of Dad’s alarm clock have to be faced one last time…

The player presses the clock down…  Everyone holds their breath…
IF DAD DOESN’T WAKE, the player has reached that delicious
 slice of cake – AND WON THE GAME!

This game is bound to be played over and over and would be a fantastic Christmas Present. If you would like to win a copy then please enter via the widget at the end of this post.

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SSHH! Don’t Wake Dad! (rrp £24.99, for 2 to 4 players, age 5+). 

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Last Saturday we were thrilled to be invited to Hatton to visit their Enchanted Christmas Kingdom.
The day was bright but cold and when we first arrived Hatton Village was in full swing with singers. It certainly felt like Christmas had arrived.

We had some to time to spare before visiting Santa in his grotto so we started by feeding the animals in the barn. The sheep were particularly hungry.

Then, we just had to go and cuddle the guinea pigs. Each Christmas the enormous guinea pig village is decorated in Christmas splendour and the kids love it. It’s so lovely to get to hold a guinea pig too and we all had a turn.

We had a little more time to look around the other animals and play on the tractors. The Little Man always makes a bee line for the tractors. They also had a turn on the fairground rides. There is so much to do at Hatton Adventure World, in the summer we spend all day, but this time we were here to see the Enchanted Christmas Kingdom and it was finally our time slot. There is also a big marquee where you can write your letter to Father Christmas and make Christmas decorations. (It’s also a chance to warm up a little)

The kids loved the grotto, there is so much to see. I made a little visit of our journey, being in a wheelchair I guess I have a child height view.

Here are a few photos from the grotto.

When the children finally get to see Father Christmas it’s like visiting an old relative, he’s a chatty, friendly man that made the children feel at ease as they told him what they wanted for Christmas. Thankfully this year they didn’t come out with gifts that gave me palpitations.

After a chat, good old Father Christmas opens his book to see if they are on the good or the naughty list. Then he presents them with gold keys to take to the toy shop where they can pick a toy from the many on display. We had at least five minutes with old fella, which was really enjoyable for the kids. Then Father Christmas pulled out a magic button to take a photo of himself with the kids. The Little Man was most interested in the photo machine! The photos can then be purchased on the way out. I bought two for £12 (one for Grandma.)

The kids were excited to reach the toy shop and the selection of toys is really good. Boo picked a nail varnish parlour, The Little Man chose a ball air blaster (Think Nerf type gun that fires soft balls) and Star was thrilled with her bath bomb and soap making set.

Before we left there was time to play in the park and the sand pit with diggers. I was shivering by now so I made my way to get a hot coffee and a sit by the open log burner to warm up a little. Then we had a little walk around the Christmas Market in the village where the kids had even more gifts, but useful ones as I bought Star and the Little Man woolly hats and Boo a new purse for school.

We had a magical day out but if there was one thing I would change it would be the steep entrance to the Enchanted Kingdom grotto, it was so difficult for me to climb in my wheelchair and terrifying coming back down again.

I’d advise you to wrap up warm and don’t forget your gloves like I did!

The Enchanted Christmas Kingdom is open every weekend from November 25th to December 24th, plus Friday 8th December evening and weekdays from 18th to 22nd December. It’s advisable to book your tickets to the grotto in advance and you are given a time slot so the queues are smaller.

Also at Hatton you can see Zoobee’s Christmas Cracker Magic Show, Zoobee’s Festive Friends Puppet Show, Cool Colin’s Show, Reindeer Quest, Festive Scales and Tales and indoor soft play. There are also plenty of places to eat and drink.

Hatton Adventure World can be found in Hatton, Warwick, literally minutes away from the M40.

Disclosure: We were given free entry into Hatton and tickets for the Enchanted Christmas Kingdom in return for our honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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We’ve been trying out this new game from Drumond Park, King Pong. My kids love games that they can all play together and especially ones that give them lots of giggles. I think King Pong is going to be a favourite.

Assembling the Game

Before you play you have to put the cube together. This is quite a simple task although it does help having two people to put the top on so all corners slot in together at the same time. As I was on my own at the time I did manage it myself but I could see how it would have been easier with two. You start with the base, assemble the trays, attach the two parts of the pyramid in the middle, plug in the window holders in each corner, slot in the windows and then place the lid on top. The balls are then placed into the trays ready for playing. The game comes with full illustrated instructions. If you are playing with only two players then you can block off the other two corners with the extra pieces provided. Similarly, you can block off just one side if you have three only three players.

The Rules

The rules of the game are quite simple. Using one hand only, bounce the balls into the cube through the holes in the window or the lid. The balls have to bounce in, and you cannot bounce them through any other players window.

Playing the Game

The starter shouts King Pong, or ready, steady, go, or 3, 2, 1, go…we tried them all and everyone at once starts bouncing their balls into the cube.
The object of the game is to empty your tray of all balls. If a ball drops on the floor the player who threw it must immediately go and pick it up before returning to the game. As you play you will get many balls coming back out into your tray, you need to get them all back in as soon as you can.


The aim of the game is to get rid of all your balls by bouncing them into the unit faster than they roll back out into your tray. When your tray is empty you close your pivoting door and if you are first to do so then you have won. 


We found the game lots of fun and very energetic. You need to play on a hard surface so that the balls will bounce, but the balls do fly around a lot so be careful of losing them under the sofa, the tv cabinet, the coffee table or wherever. Because of the rule of picking up a ball as soon as it’s dropped we found that they don’t get lost because they are retrieved straight away. 
The girls, aged 10 and 12 picked it up really quickly and managed to get a lot of balls bouncing in and soon starting getting tactical. The Little Man, aged 7, had a little more difficulty so I can see why the game is rated 8+ years. He still had lots of fun though, and we found that we made a good team with me bouncing and him running around to pick the balls up.

And if you want a few laughs and ideas on how to handicap top players or enhance your game, take a look at this! Pimp My Pong, King Pong

Take a look at our little video and then see how you could win the game for yourself in our latest give away.

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Now it’s your chance to win a copy of this fabulous game, RRP £24.99. It would make a great Christmas Present!
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Disclosure: We were sent a game of King Pong for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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