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  1. Jen Walshaw

    I am nearly 50 as is the husbeast and we have young children. You know what I have started to not give a damn about what other people think. I am going to be a cantankerous old B£$%$

  2. Mums do travel

    Paaaarty! Yes, you must have one. I've been to a few 50th parties this year (I'll be 50 next year) and they've been great fun. I organised one for my husband and he loved it.
    I'm so cross about what that drunk guy said to you – he sounds like an idiot. Please forget what he said.

    • Anne Stone Sweet

      I didn't do anything when I was 40, I was bit worn out having a newborn to look after. I like to say you're only as young as the man you feel and mine is 11 years younger than me 😉

  3. Carly Markham

    I am hoping that as I get older I start to feel younger. I am 24 with three small children so feel unbelievably old before my years but I am hoping that once they fly the nest I will have the time to invest in myself and make a start on my life bucket list!

  4. Hannah Clementson

    It's mad to think my eldest will be 34 when I am 50 and my youngest wil be 30, it's crazy how quickly time flies, It doesn't feel that long ago I was at school myself and now my son will be going into year 3! x

  5. Sara-Jayne Jones

    50 is not old! I'm hitting 40 this coming year and age is most definitely about how you feel. Don't let some drunken idiot upset you. I'd have given him a piece of my mind – the opinion of a 50 year old woman is worth 50 times more than one of a drunken boy!

  6. pinkoddy

    My mom died when she was 48 and so I will definitely celebrate 50. 50 is young – no age at all. And as you said that guy was DRUNK. Ignore him. You are not old at all.

    • Anne Stone Sweet

      Oh Joy, that is such a young age 🙁 My Dad passed in his early 50s and I worried when my older brother reached that age, but he's still going strong into his mid 60s now. I will not speak to any more drunk men for sure!

  7. Adele

    I'm really sorry you had that experience with the drunk guy (who clearly knows NOTHING because, if we're really going to do comparisons, the opinion that comes from experience counts for more). Perhaps throwing a party is a good thing? Something to help you reframe turning 50, which should really be cause to celebrate.

  8. toni1965

    Did you get your party, for your 50th? I turned 50 last year too and had a big party. I don't like all the things happening in the mirror, but I'm embracing it since I can't go backward. But I don't have young kids like you, I'd be exhausted.

    Cheers to us 1965 babies ?

  9. Jas

    Ah, you know what is great about 50? You lose your filter and you're less tolerant. It feels so liberating, lol. I can say what I think and not worry as much about others' feelings. Time to take care of you! I cried profusely when I turned 30. 40 didn't even faze me and 50 (last December) was a bit though until I decided to make it a great day – for myself, by myself. Husband did get a surprise dinner with family at the restaurant, even though I wish he didn't (don't tell him, ha). So, go out all the way, plan something you want to do even if it means taking time away from everybody else. Chin up, at least you're not as old as you'll be next year 🙂

  10. Debra Pashkowsky

    As I reached each milestone birthday it didn't bother me, although when I was in my fifties it did occur to me I only had maybe 20 more years to live. But then I decided I wouldn't worry about it. Embrace each day and the you know what to people who make rude remarks like the guy did. Either he will reach the age of 50 and realized what an idiot he was or the alternative.

  11. VintageSouthernPicks Florence S

    Tacky of the drunk guy…he needed a swift kick in the pants if you ask me. So now, back to you…YES have the party! When I turned 60, I asked my hubby to give me a birthday party, and I'm still waiting 4 years later…LOL. Not his thing to throw parties apparently. And 50 is NOT old! Cute post Ann, & nice to meet you!
    Florence (another Blogging Fifty Girl)

  12. Deb Baker

    Hi, I just discovered this post via Create and Babble and can totally relate. I turned 50 last year – I'm a 1965er. I had mixed feelings about it too because I had my last child at 40 and most of my friends are a good decade younger than me. And like you said other 50 plus mums are living a totally different life to me with kids off their hands. I decided against a party and just celebrated with friends. I actually found the whole experience a bit depressing. One year later and I'm in a much better place about being a woman in my 50's. Feeling much more positive about the future and it all it has to offer. I wrote a post about turning 50 last year as well if you're interested in having a read. So happy to have found your blog.

  13. Pam @ Biscuits & Burlap

    50 is not old! It's a state of mind only. I have so much admiration for you — your strength is an asset you should be so proud of! I'm turning 60 in a few months and I'm just beginning to think about a bucket list — so you have time. Let's all make the most of every minute.

  14. Bohemian

    You are hilarious and that comment was just rude from the snarky guy with the shoes, good thing he got blown off… most Women of any age do recognize a jerk when they meet one. When he's 50 he'll just be an Old Jerk with no confidence in his own fashion sense, if that's any comfort to you? *winks* I'm raising a couple of my Grandkids and agree that still raising youngsters well into our Senior Years does sometimes have those unexpected advantages. I have more in common in my Home Life with the 20-30 something set than I do with the average Senior for example. *LOL* I'm much more relaxed about not sweating the small stuff Parenting involves since at a certain Season of Life if you're still Parenting youngsters, you really slack off a bit about stuff that doesn't really matter. *winks* There are actual benefits of the privilege of growing Old since it's not afforded to many and therefore I thoroughly Cherish it… I feel much more Liberated in so many ways, I don't give a _____ about what anyone says, thinks or becomes critical about in the way I choose to live my life… I just do my own thing with the utter confidence that it's my thing and my life, so if someone doesn't like it, step off. I do hope your 50+ years unfold in such a way that you enjoy them as much as you did every other Season… and look back at that one incident that stung and find it to just be hilarious! Blessings from the Arizona Desert… Dawn… The Bohemian

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