Creating a Home

This house is our magnolia palace, which we are trying to colour in like a large colouring book to fit in with our life. It’s not as easy as I thought it would be.

When we moved in two years ago I didn’t mind that every wall was magnolia. The house was a new build and everything was shiny and new and so much bigger than our previous house. We had to wait twelve months before we could decorate and I became really impatient. I had so many ideas rushing around in my head for how I wanted each room to look.

Then the twelve months were up and suddenly one thing became very apparent. It wasn’t just my choice of how the house should be decorated. I started in the hallway, I just went out and bought what I liked and got the job done. It didn’t go down well with everyone. The colour wasn’t right, my feature wasn’t liked, it seemed I’d got it all wrong.

So with the kitchen I discussed my ideas first and everyone had a different idea of what we should do. As the room is so large I wanted to use two colours to distinguish between kitchen and dining area, but no-one else agreed. Eventually we chose one colour all over.

With the girl’s bedroom I handed the choice over to them and let them choose their paint and paper and I bought matching furniture. They went for lavender which to me says ‘old ladies room’ but it is very nice and peaceful in there. It’s a lovely colour for a bedroom. The Little Man wants his room Orange and Green…I don’t think there will be much sleeping going on in there if we let him get away with this!

Now our plans have turned to the living room and my headache is growing. It’s a lovely big room and I’d like to do something really unusual in there. Maybe some wallpaper like this from Mineheart.

Interiors : Walls & flooring by Mineheart
Interiors by Mineheart, photo credit – Homify

And I really have a penchant for seventies style sideboards like this from Forest London.

Characterful Teak Sideboard : Living room by Forest London

In fact I’ve been spending the last hour browsing for wonderful ways of adding character to my room.

I know that in the end the family will have their say and we will end up with something to everyone’s taste. I guess that’s the drawback of living in a house with four adults!

Maybe I’ll still be able to sneak in a seventies sideboard though, or even a radiogram, I’d love one of those!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post, all words, thoughts and opinions are mine, photographs are credited elsewhere. Post contains links.

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