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  1. Rebecca Beesley

    You've been brilliant hosting all this time! How does one judge success of a linky anyway? – We have been inspired and motivated time and time again by Kids in the kitchen. We've baked and cooked so many things that we would never have thought of cooking before thanks to Kids in the Kitchen. We've loved reading about your cooking adventures and we've loved sharing our successes and failures. I've eagerly awaited mondays to see what recipes you've been cooking each week. I am guessing there probably is a 'knack' to running a successful linky in terms of getting lots of people to join in and it's probably a lot of hard work. You've been brilliant hosting it in the first place as I wouldn't even know where to start with hosting a linky. Please do see it as a success though because you've ignited a passion for cooking in Miss T who has joined in since she was tiny and helped me muddle through and learn to cook a lot better than I ever could before. We will keep cooking thanks to you and we look forward to seeing you keep cooking with your kids too. xxx

    • Anne Stone Sweet

      Thank you Rebecca xx I'm glad to have inspired you and Miss T. Of course there will still be lots of cooking, I just need to take of the pressure of having a post ready at a particular time each week to keep the linky running. If it was popular then it would be worth it, but some weeks I do struggle to get it ready in time.

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