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  1. Angeline

    So sorry that this has happened to you but so glad that they rushed you in incase it got even worse! Sorry to hear about your FIL , healing thoughts!

  2. International Elf Service

    How about finding a good naturopath / nutritionist and see if they can help? They are fab at this kind of thing – getting the body to clear toxins, reducing inflammation, boosting immune systems etc. Message me if you'd like details of one I know. You could chat on the phone / skype, she wouldn't need to see you in person if not possible.

  3. Steph Curtis

    Awww Anne, such a shock and a horrible time for you. Hope that it clears up as quickly and mysteriously as it came on, and that you manage to keep your brilliant positive attitude in the meantime – many others wouldn't, and don;t be discouraged if you dip, it's bound to happen! Take care chuck, glad you are home xx

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