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  1. Jenny Leonard

    I love the cartoon strip! Your kids are natural actors – that's great!
    I did'nt have any home monitor for any of my pregnancies, it's amazing how much technology has altered the most primal of human activities 🙂

    • Anne Stone Sweet

      Jenny, I had a 16 year gap between kids and secondary infertility, I'd have tried anything to get pregnant and tried for years. My Star was a little miracle 🙂 I probably wouldn't have bothered otherwise. I also found out the sex, something not available when my older children were born, how times, and technology, change!

  2. Nadine Hill

    I like the idea of being able to put it on expensive things like buggies to stop other people messing with them! This could be useful at a restaurant or theme park where you have to leave your buggy in the buggy area!

  3. oana79

    Oh, wow, such clever gadgets,Olivia P. Sticks sounds amazing and so does Ultra Stan. We are trying to get pregnant at the moment and I will look into getting these if I get stuck.xx

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