Smart Kids from Bioglan – Review

We all want our kids to be healthy and smart don’t we. I know with my health problems that it’s important to get the right vitamins and minerals inside me, they really do help. I don’t get out much nowadays so I don’t get much of the vitamin D we get from the sun. Vitamin D in turn helps the body to absorb Calcium. These two vitamins are vital to our health and well being.

The best way to get our vitamins and minerals is to eat healthily and spend more time outside in the daylight. Something that a lot of us are guilty of not doing. My children have their eating fads, there are certain things they will and won’t eat. I’m lucky that they really like their fruit and vegetables, but they eat them along with a lot of junk food.

I’ve always given them a little extra boost to their health with supplements of children’s vitamins. The ones they normally have are chalky or like jellies, so I was interested in what Bioglan had to offer.

Their kids vitamins are called Smart Kids and they are aimed at fussy eaters, or for children to improve their learning by supporting their brain functions.

I was sent two packets of supplements to review.

Smart Kids Omega 3 Brain Formula.

This contains omega 3 fish oil which is high in DHA the fatty acid that is good for brain health.It has Iron which contributes to the cognitive development of children. The formula also contains Niacin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Thiamine, Riboflavin and biotin which contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system. Finally it has Iodine which contributes to the normal growth of children.

The capsules are described as citrus flavour chewable squirts and are for children aged four and over. The dosage is one a day but can be increased to two a day.

Now, what did my kids think of them? Well, they all enjoyed the citrus flavour and said they didn’t taste like normal vitamin pills. They thought the capsules where fun as the flavour squirted into their mouths, but one of my kids did not like chewing the capsule afterwards. They are like really chewy jellies and the flavour is nice but they take a little chewing.

I think the capsules are fun and attractive and stand out a little from other supplements. They taste really nice and give the kids a treat with their little squirts. Great for kids who like citrus flavours and jellies.
I love that they contain such important supplements, the brain and nervous system take a lot of looking after and a lot of people grow up lacking B Vitamins and Iron. I’ve used omega 3 supplements for quite a while as they are believed to be good in helping children with autism. There are those that have disputed this claim but there is no harm in trying and omega 3 is good for you anyway.

Smart Kids Happy Tummies.

These are claimed to be a delicious way to boost your child’s live culture intake and provide their tummies with the good bacteria they need. Each tablet contains Bifodobacterium and Lactobacillious which are often found in yoghurt. They are flavoured like strawberry yoghurt.
I have one child that absolutely refuses to eat anything strawberry flavoured, yes I know, he’s strange!
My other kids went wild over these. They are really delicious and easy to eat. The little balls are quite hard when you first put them in your mouth but soon become soft and chewy like a yoghurt flavoured sweet. One of my girls does not eat yoghurt but she loved these.
I think that these tablets are fun and different. The flavour is really nice (if you like strawberry, sorry Little Man) They claim that each ball is filled with one billion good bacteria. I’m not sure if there is more in regular yoghurts or not, but these were eaten by my yoghurt hating daughter so that’s a plus for me.
The bottle contains 30 balls and a child can eat up to 3 a day.
Each supplement costs £9.99 and you can find out more about Bioglan Smart Kids on their other products over on their website.  Bioglan Smart Kids

Alternatively you can buy Smart Kids from Holland and Barrett.

Disclosure: I was sent two Bioglan Smart Kids Supplements in return for my honest review.

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