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  1. Looking for Blue Sky

    Great advice and it's interesting that you've found that new bloggers these days want to know how to get big and make money. I wonder are there any new ones out there who began blogging because they wanted to write?

  2. Nadine Hill

    If new bloggers are creating a blog purely to make money there are far more effective ways to earn money on a 'cost per hour' basis than doing this! I do earn money from my blog and it is my full time career however at the start, the hours I put in for the best part of 2 years with no pay to show for it meant that had I not been passionate about expressing myself through this medium, I never would have stuck to it. I think that a passion for communicating is a key ingredient to blogging, and a willingness to evolve which comes naturally as your blogging progresses. I started out as a creative outlet, then I started to get free products to review or days out, then I started earning money, then the bigger brand collaborations such as travel opportunities came, but it wasn't about the money at the start and I think that this honest and organic approach attracted the opportunities rather than blog content that is contrived as a means to an end. Readers will know the difference and vote with the click of their mouse as to what they choose to read online.

  3. oana79

    YES! I have had in on my wish list for a couple of years now, improving my photography skills. I am still looking for a reasonably priced course!xx

  4. Jen Walshaw

    Great advise. As a blogger I am always learning and looking to improve my site. I want my readers to love it. I don't think that there is such a thing as a great blogger, I believe that there is a blogger for every season!

  5. Jenny Ripatti-Taylor

    Wow so much great advice I think I need to reread it and take notes. I have been trying hard as a newbie blogger myself getting my blog posts out there without being too spamming and getting more people to follow me. I wish my stats would grow higher but I know this takes time. Thanks for these. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me and the continual support. #sharewithme

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