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  1. Jibber JabberUK

    We haven't had a shower in our house for years. The old shower broke and we put a new one in but found it kept tripping the fusebox and the fuses cost £1 at time! We called an electrician in and he said the only solution would be to rewire the house at the cost of several thousand pounds. Baths it has been since then!

  2. Michelle Ordever

    I couldn't be without my bath! Whilst I shower daily, I love having a bath on the weekends instead. I like the idea of these walk in baths – great for people who struggle to get in and out of them.

  3. Ellie A

    I am pretty much a shower person but thats because I have had many years of an awful bathroom and the bath being somewhere I didn't want to stay, however since we moved our bathroom is lovely and warm and we have a lovely new bath so I have found a new love of baths and can be often found having one these days. Certainly does feel nice to be surrounded by lovely warm water.

  4. oana79

    I don't remember the last time I had a proper soak. I love them but Emma goes late to bed and a proper soak it is not when a young child keeps walking in to admire our nether bits, lol. I do hope you get your walk in bath, it does look lovely.xx

  5. Izzie Anderton

    I love a bath especially if it has lots of bubbles in it. Usually only shower either on holiday or if it's exceptionally warm in the UK which doesn't happen all that often!

  6. Charly Dove

    Do you know what Anne, I saw the title of the post and thought I'd love a bath! I haven't had one for months, mainly because of time I shower every day instead. I like a really hot bath and a good soak so you wouldn't see me for more than an hour. Those were the days! Here's to you being able to enjoy a bath at some point x

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