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  1. Jenny Leonard

    Ask yourself how someone who has lost all of that could ever be expected to carry on without getting depressed. You can't. You have a lot to grieve for and this is part of that. You will come through it and you will become you again, because you have shown you have the strength and determination to carry on. Ride through this, feel sorry for yourself and indulge in a little anger, you are allowed. Don't ever lose sight of the smiles and remember that you have already proven you are stronger than you think you are xx

  2. SarahMummy

    Oh my goodness! So sorry to read that. That's an awful lot to lose and to lose it all suddenly like that must be worse than losing it gradually. You have every right to feel angry and depressed and to hate what has happened to you. I really hope you regain some of your mobility. X

  3. Steph Curtis

    Anne you are amazingly strong, even though I'm sure you don't feel like it at times. I can't believe all you've been through; life most definitely is not fair. I hope you do ask for support in as many ways as you can – no-one will be surprised that you need it. Sending huge smiles and hoping we can meet again soon as although you may not think so, you are definitely inspirational xx

  4. Ann H

    Life has thrown a mega curve ball but you are amazing.. And know it's not the end of the game by a long shot. Sending virtual hugs because even the strongest of us need and deserve support xxx

  5. Jenny Evans

    I didn't know about TM before but reading about it here, all I can say is that you ARE amazing. I think it's totally natural for you to cry over reading those things – you're still grieving and adjusting to your new normal (whatever that will ultimately be) and it would be the same for anyone else who'd just had a different type of loss – say losing a loved one and then reading about the stages of grief or a news report about a missing person.

    Good luck to you, and be patient with yourself. I actually just wrote on my blog about the importance of being kind to yourself and giving yourself time to heal after you go through something traumatic. It just can't happen right away.

  6. Samantha P

    Wow Anne. Some pretty devastating things to adapt to. I have a friend who was diagnosed with a form of osteo-arthritis when she was about 21 and I know she has lived a very different life from the one she imagined and takes a cocktail of drugs every day to ease the pain (along with an elbow replacement a couple of years ago – she's 43 now). I can't speak for her but I think it's safe to say that you are going through the grieving process for sure. I really send every positive and hopeful thought your way that you will be one of the ones who makes a full or even nearly full recovery and you can look back on the dark days and file them away. For the time being, look after yourself and let others take some of the strain for you. X #thetruthabout

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