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  1. AngelaHamilton

    I will openly admit I voted in but the British people have spoken and now we just have to live in hope that it all works out for us. As a woman from Scotland, it looks like we are having an independence referendum within the next couple of years. Scary times but we can't do much about it but hope

  2. debsrandomwritings

    Hi Anne, having not lived in the UK for so long I lost my right to vote, which seems a little crazy considering how much the UK leaving the EU, may impact on my life. I think the British government used the people as pawns in a one big game that went completely wrong and winning by such a small majority people are now realising this.

    It's now time to look forward and embrace what the future holds for the UK and it's citizens. and hopefully, once it's all settled down, lessons will have been learned.


  3. hellosarie

    I think that it wasn't a choice between leave or stay and there are many underlying issues to fix within the UK before deciding. Leaving won't magically heal everything and I think we can see a lot of lies and fear mongering has happened by the very people we should be angry with. I am an EU migrant (British living in Barcelona) and I am scared.

  4. raisiebay

    My ex husband is in the same position. He lives in the South of France, he'd been there too long to vote, but now he has to apply for citizanship if he wants to stay there.

  5. raisiebay

    You are so right, it was because our country needed fixing that people jumped on the opportunity to change things, but no-one really thought about the consequences. It was all done very poorly and now heads will roll (figuratively, because even though I believe we've taken a step backwards, I hope it's not that far back!)

  6. Fozia S

    In all honesty it is not the pound thats dropping thats concerning me etc….but the apparent racism that has reared its ugly head….it has revealed peoples true colours and given them a reason to start being abusive to who they feel are 'foreigners'

  7. Little W Wren

    Agreed! I have enjoyed reading this post. if I could have voted it would have been 'Remain'. Let's hope the ship will steady soon. My children have lived in continental Europe for more than half their lives so although we now live in Australia, we feel a very strong connection with Europe.

  8. raisiebay

    racism is always ugly. I have always been totally accepting of all and find it really difficult to understand other's hatred of another human being purely for their race. I deliberately kept this issue out of my post because I thought it was irrelevant, so many of the exit voters I spoke to insisted that it was nothing to do with their choice. It's so sad to see how many others thought differently.

  9. Ness

    I have always believed that the reason I have a roof above my head, food on the table and clothes on my back is not through any privilege I have earned but the sheer luck of being born in a country that has not been ravaged by drought, famine or war. A country that hasn't been overtaken by corrupt or ideologically evil regimes or one that has been seen innocents bombed in their homes, schools and hospitals by intervening foreign nations.

    In 22 years of being able to vote and only ever voting for the winning side once (AV referendum so absolutely nothing changed) I have come to realise that democracy is not about the choices I have made but learning to live with the decisions of others.

    As David Cameron has effectively resigned and cannot start the leaving process I am genuinely interested who will be willing to step up as Prime Minister and actually invoke Article 50 and bring us out of the EU. Before Thursday Boris Johnson and Michael Gove were desperate for us to leave the UK and now there is no rush. I wonder if anyone can find a big enough carpet to sweep it all under.

  10. Kara Guppy

    The pound is already recovering and is back to levels seen in 2013/2014. There will be uncertainty and ups and downs but I am hopeful that it will all work out. All this doom and gloom predictions are simply that – guesses! I am confident that as a nation we have the skills to make this work in the long term

  11. raisiebay

    Like you, I feel that I'm also learning to live with the decisions of others. It will be interesting to see who takes leadership now, and how well they do.

  12. raisiebay

    I hope that you are right Kara, there a many people feeling positive right now, and just as many feeling concerned. One thing for sure is we have to work together to make this work. It's not the time for doom and gloom, we have to look for the positives.

  13. raisiebay

    We have to make it work or the country will fall apart, it could eventually turn out to be the best decision we have ever made. I hope so anyway, despite the gloom around at the moment. x

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