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  1. Nadine Hill

    A close member of my family has legs that don't work. This is an awfully simplistic way of stating what is wrong, there are other things too (aren't there always?!) but essentially he is wheelchair bound for the rest of his life. Another close member of my family is his carer. It can be a strain on both of them but there are good days and bad days and happy days and tiring days, but thankfully there are the days – they are both here, with us and keeping on. I'm glad that you carried the towels up the stairs. We have to celebrate our victories and I hope you have plenty of happy days too on your road to recovery. x

  2. Northumberland Mam

    You are doing great! Well done for carrying the towels upstairs. It's a great achievement!
    It must be so worrying to wake up feeling like you did but hang on in there. Sending hugs x

  3. TheMadHouse

    I want to give you a hug. It is hard to live with a condition and you need to be gentle on yourself. You need to celebrate the small things. Getting those towels upstairs was an amazing feat.

  4. raisiebay

    I do hope so, I have learnt from other sufferers that you can get to the stage where you feel almost normal again, but still have off days. I will look forward to feeling like that. x

  5. raisiebay

    So sorry for your family member, and there carer, it is really tough. With my condition no-one knows if or when I will get better because it's so rare. The only thing I do know is that I won't get any worse because they tested for brain damage and found none…small mercies x

  6. Izzie Anderton

    Well done for focusing on the positives no matter how small. Here's to the days ahead and many more positive experiences until you're fully recovered x

  7. rebeccabeesley

    it must be so frustrating and difficult for you and yet the towel carrying is progress so i feel happy for you for that reason. sorry to hear about how things got worse again with the spasms. Just hope that you keep seeing improvements day by day. xxx

  8. ChelseaMamma

    That is great that you managed to get a simple task done and I understand your frustration at not being able to do more. Keep remaining positive xxx

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