My Sunday Photo – 31st July 2016

I took this photo while out with my son a couple of weeks ago. We were visiting a new retail centre near home. This is Bournville College which was relocated here in 2011. Originally the college had been set up by George Cadbury, the famous chocolate manufacturer. This new building was built on the former MG Rover Car Plant in Longbridge.

The Longbridge plant opened in 1905 and finally closed it’s doors in 2005. I think most male members of my family had worked there at some point. My Dad passed away on his way to his night shift there. My Step-Dad worked there too and I remember having holidays subsidised by the factory, the families would all go together on a coach to Butlins.

Longbridge was a busy place and it seemed so strange when the factory was demolished. Now the land is being rebuilt again and it’s quite amazing when you realise just how big the whole place was. Where the factory once stood is this college (Which is massive) a big shopping complex with hotel, bars and other places to eat, a park and a youth centre and it’s still an ongoing project. In fact they are probably only half way though the development.

While I sat there and took this photo I spared a thought for all those that had worked at Longbridge car factory, for many it was so much more than just a job. Now that piece of history has gone and is being given new life.


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